Just now Mr Sahak from Stamford College P.J called me and he asked us go to P.J to see the house on 14th December ( Friday) around 2 something like that. So same as last time, we go after 0830 class ok? I am very sorry because sir said we have to go as soon as possible, because of the owner of the unit so I am already confirmed with him we are going on that day. How about you guys? Can go or not? Let me know please !!!

Besides that I am suggest you guys ( including myself) try the best to find more houses or condo then we can see on the same day also. In my opinion, we can try to see more houses so can choose the best and most suitable for us. I am not say that MUST confirm the Millionaire condo, of course if 8 of us can stay together ...is the BEST ~ So have to spent some time to find ok??

According to Yayun's case, her father and boyfren disagree she stay with guys...I think I have to talk to her, or she need to talk to her father and Green dragon ( her BF ). I don't know Bernie's situation but S.P.Y and I are alright with this. We know there are pro and cons when we stay with guys ; on the other hand if all girls stay in a house also got the cons........There are NOTHING perfect in the world la.

Good Luck ^^

One of my favorite song.....
I know yayun sure will say I am outdated..
Aiyah..I like la..can;t change sorry ^^
enjoy ~

This is a H.Kong drama, is a action show.
Of course got some love story summore.
Not bad because it bring some knowledge for us.
Something like DO NOT BE A BAD PERSON.
And if we do mistake just admit it rather than...
avoid it. Because it will influnce alot of ppl.
Strongly recommend for my frens..

The reason i watch this show is not because of Andy Lau,
It is because a lot of people said NICE.
Thats why make me want to watch also.
But at last..I am so disappointed.
Maybe is my problem but ...
I don;t like it.

Mmmm...I like this show because....
it is talk abt FOOD. hahahaha..
besides that, i am more prefer romantic love story
than action la. lol

I am not really understand what this show trying to say,
but I can;t deny it is a very good ACTION show.
Too complicated for me and cannot understand,
a lot of NAMES in this movie and....
blur. = ='''

Ya, i know Ah Chan, I am outdated.
No motivation what, at last I finished it.
My comment for this show is..
NOT funny at all.
ya, some parts are quite funny but....
I got a very high expectations of this show.
Not really like it..

Here are the Chinese's principle.
Sound like so pitiful because until old still need to...
enjoy work.Not really like force ourselves to love and
enjoy our career. The meaning is.....
Like Mr Kong, he is 70++ but still want to be
a lecturer in scm. The reason is he is really LOVE in teaching.
So he is enjoying his work now.
My idea come from zac's latest post,
he talks anout practicing. sometimes I
feel that chinese are so hardworking.
how about Malay???

Human beings must works.

When you are not competent, learn.

When you are competent, do it yourself.

When you are not familiar, practice more.

When you want to work, start immediately.

When you are poor, work all the more.

When you are rich, work harder.

If work is done wrongly, correct it.

When you are old, enjoy working more.

Today I learned a very important lesson from my friend Mr. Liew. From his face I know that I should not so busybody give so many comments on him. For example, ask him keep clean all the time, brush teeth, take bath always, change stocking everyday, wash toilet, wash fan, wash car and so forth. Because I know these are NOT my business.

I am very sorry about that, because for me I just feel that as a friend we should care about each others. If found that is not good we have to voice out and try our best to help. But today I am really regret with what i did these few years, I was so kepoh always make Mr Liew angry with me. He may feel embarrassing, I know I am sucks....

So after today, I decided do not get involve in others thing that not related to me at all. And I am so happy because I just need few hours and I did it. I am really can ignore him ( liew). Don't believe?? ok, here got a very good example: Just now after lunch we all went for our own thing, S.P.Y went for print her form and obviously I accompany her. After that we went to student lounge meet Suharto and Liew. I found that Liew didn't zip his pant, and from my past experience, I know if I inform him, he will angry with me so....Its time for me to change. lol

Finally I successful, I didn't inform him but Suharto did it. But I think Liew is not happy with it. Because he siad : ' Ok watt '. From his face we can see that he is purposely one, because there are few ladies doing their revision just now. ( joking)

Liew, sorry for last time and I am swear I will not busybody of your business anymore in future. Please forgive me ^^

Last Saturday I went to Tzu Chi to do my TKM,
but at last I didnt do because.....
I borrow my laptop to S.P.Y let her finish hers,
then can teach me in near future.
But I am very hardworking because I done 50%
of my PDP at there. hahahaha

This is the outlook of the Tzu Chi, we went to the cafe do our assignments.
The cafe called Shu Xuan, is a very nice place for us to study or do
revision, we may order a nice drink and spent whole day at there.
But too bad NO FOOD allow. Because they want 2 make sure..
The place is clean and free of RATssss.

A picture of a lovely friend. ^^
-Stay peace -

Hey guys, today i am going to post pictures again.
The reason is still remain that is....
PICTURES can tell everything. lol
Besides that, I love to upload my pictures here,
because i am not need to keep in my pc...
this is a very good store for my pictures.

My heart will go on. = ='''

This is my table lamp. very nice ^^

A gift from Pn Zuraika, is a bookmark with my name.
I am loving it xoxoxox

When continue my member card from Sushi King..
I can use for next year at KL...giak giak giak.

When I touch the steel part, the lamp will on.
iizt nice??

Bookmark from Pn Zuraika again.
She is super kind lecturer in scm.
Love her always **

My Mickey Mouse watch ...
A ole-ole from my papa.

My new handphone....^^

My ' store' for my baju. too small not enough.

My certificate for diploma...

My room's NIGHT view. **

Latest model in 2008 of Nokia.

My printer. ummm..look professional

My personal computer...will not use it for next year.

My pc again...will give to my brother.

My achievements **

All these pictures took before we all went to
Kuala Lumpur on last Friday....
From the pictures can see that our happiness and

Stupid Taiwanese.....but cute la. ^^

The ghost always will hide behind us when we
are taking picture. stupid man = ='''

Purposely took this picture just for showing
Liew's wallet is damn tic man.
wow ~ Mr Rich Liew

We are Twins...Fat twins in SCM lol

Yun was sleepy but still want to take picture.
wakaka..nola. she is not purposely one la. wakaka

Am i look funny? yaya..bcos of my glass.
Nice? new one.wakakakaka

I do not know got a devil at behind me when
i took this picture. He is stupid sial man.
huh ~





I am so Happy ^^

Orange and I...so happy ^^

Me and Michelle....I am BULAT ..

They all are my nephews....soooo C.U.T.E ^^

This is Rong Xuen from Lina

Rong Xuen again...so smart ~

I stay with him last time so his pic is more.

His Private swimming pool. lol

Alicia from My elder sister...only got one T-T

Ashslyn - my elder sister No2 daughter.
Look like a boy? yaya agree..but she is extremely
Cute..I use to call her " balloon" lol

She is chubby like me, haha...
fuyoh..she is a kaki minum man but..
is MILK la...**

Lina's 2 children, so Sweet **
umm..brother's smile is special. haha

Lina's 2nd child Pei Yun = mei mei
she is pretty and my family said
she is similar as me when i was small.
soooo Cuteeee ~

Picture taken on 13-8-2007
my birthday dinner at restaurant.

Hey guys, this is one of the Jay Chou song in his latest album. I am L.O.V.E this album so much and he never disappointed me. All the albums are NICE and got the different feeling. I am loving it, not like others singer always sing the same song. The feeling is still the same if compare to previous one. Besides Jay i think Lee Hom also very good. I am not only like this - rainbow, I also like that one 甜甜的 and 青花瓷. Of course got alot somemore la. But i am the person who are more prefer slow song, not like yayun. always sing the stupid song. our life need peacefullll.
cheers ~

Today the connection is sucks, I can't upload all my pictures...Recently I am enjoy with posting pictures, because a picture can tell whole story. ( something like that). But today I try and try again, but I can't. Finally I uploaded one, so lucky !! This is my mother's birthday cake for 45 years old. Mmmm it is a C.O.F.F.E.E cake with some cheese but I can't taste the cheese = ='''

Maybe recently eat too much QUALITY cheese cakes so this kind of NORMAL one I can't feel any cheese also. ( sound abit haolian) but it is true la. But this year my mama's birthday is NOT so happy la, because something happened. Ya.. something got related to my stupid sister ( Lina)
She told me on 16-11-2007 she can't celebrate with us because she need to go for a wedding dinner, then she suggested me give my mum $$ so she can buy what she likes. After 1 hour she said, you go and buy a cake, we go and celebrate later night. So, I said no problem.

Then after I bought the cake, I called her at evening ask her come earlier because i need to go out later, she said 10 something better because after dinner is hard to eat somemore. So ok, i went out and before I came back i called her and double confirm again. Walau... she told me, don't celebrate first la..we celebrate 2molo. WHAT ??? what the heck man, 2molo is not my mother;s birthday anymore ( i told her) then she said nevermind la. Ok..i askef her, why cancel?? She said my children sleep already and I am going for clubbing now. S.H.I.T man...

I scold her then finished story ~

Actually some will feel very weird and asked ( like S.P.Y) will ask, why not carry on without her? Well..actually she is not so important but her children are. They are my mama;s cucu so I think all the grandma wish to celebrate with them and take picture also. So i keep it for my mum lo.
Haiz..But finally we cut and eat the cake without blow candles because Chinese don;t like la..
If blow candle after birthday it is no good for the person. = ='''

And I believe that ..how you treat your parents now, next time your children will treat you as same even worst. This is called KARMA in Buddhism but I think all the religion also believe in this. I admit sometimes i will rude to my parents but just the volume higher only. And I am regret after that...because my temper is worst man. so scary BUT i will change. ( need some time) ^^

Ok...lastly, i wish my mama has a very H.A.P.P.Y birthday for this year and every year.
Stay healthy always ~