Before I start to type, I would like to let you hear my laughing.

Okay, I want to say Good Bye to year 2008, my final exam, my study life, my stress & pressure, my friends and many more. Feel extremely light because I got nothing to worry now til 13th Jan. Because I start to worl on 13th Jan 2009.

I've completed 15 years of student life since 1992, I studied in primary school, then secondary school, Diploma and today....I've done my Final exam for DEGREE!!!!! The feeling is like, wow~ double WOWs and more wows,hahaha. Especially after the second paper, I told my friend I feel like just finish gave birth, is a twins baby some more ( even I never try before) hahaha.

And very soon, I have to start to work in Aeon which I never try before, work in a large corporation. How does it feel? Adventure? Exciting? Challenging? or Boring? I don;t know. But at least I know I am growing and going to another stage of my LIFE. We should keep on learning in our life, because the world are improving. Thus, we also need to grow up.

What I have done in 2008??
- Completed my degree course
- Failed for Diet plan =___='''
- Watched Beijing Olympic ( LIVE)
- Tasted alot of NEW foods
- Moved to IPK ( new house)
- Closer with SPY bb
- etc etc etc etc etc etc

Then what I know about 2008??
- Financial crisis
- Burma terrorist
- China's Earthquake
- Beijing Olympic
- Malaysia getting worse (political)
- DAP won MCA ( hahaha)
- Case of Minister of Health
- Annuar re-appeared
- New president of US (Obama)
- blablablablablabla


to be continue

A mature person must able to hold his/her HAPPY key!!!!

No need to wait for people make u happy.

But able to bring happiness and joyful to the people.

Everyone has their own HAPPY key but......

We don;t realised actually we already gave people the key =__=


One auntie complaints :
I am unhappy because my hubby always went out for business.

One mother says:
I am mad because my son refused to listen to me.

A man says:
Wtf, my boss don;t understand and appreciate me!!

A grandma says:
My daughter in-law treat me so bad, my life is sucks.

A young man came out from restaurant says:
The services was rude, my mood gone!!!
Can you see???

The people I mentioned above are giving their HAPPY key to others.

When we get influence by others people which means.....

We are victims!!!!!!!!!

and let people control ourselves!!!!!!!

When this kind of situation keep carry on.....

We will start to COMPLAINT and COMPLAINT and.....

say: " U make my life sucks!!!!"

Why U want to torture me????

I am sad because of YOU !!!!!!!!

And then, we will start to ask

can U make me happy?

please tell me how to become more happy?

So now, where is your KEY????

with your Boo? or LOST already?

Please go and find it NOW!!!!! ( or after exam)

Still unhappy? Mood still bad? okay....below is a clip I found from YouTube.

After you watch it, you will realise we are so damn fucking GOOD!!!!

He can, why YOU can't????

All the best in ur future undertaking and good luck in ur exam!!!!!!!!
Sign ~ So fast we already past 4 years.
Time really passes fast!!!!
Anyway, good to be ur fren.

This exam is not our final exam. Today I am going to talk about " Breast Self-exam". This is one of the HOT killer for women in Malaysia and others country as well. But NOT only for women now, even Guys also got Breast Cancer. So, I am here to advise my guy friends especially my BRA, because his breast is the BIGGEST in my gang. Ummm...I guess he is G cup.....

No doubt, he is motto-motto means....HOT HOT !!!! Wahaha...ok, so below are the pictires that teach us how to "self-exam". If you or YOU found something is hard and/or weird (abnormal). Please please please...go and see doctor as soon as possible.

Ciau Ciau ~

Transporter 3 ?? yerrrr

I've decided to work for Aeon ( Jusco) !!!!!!!!!!

The reasons are....

1. Working hour stable

2. Can learn alot from this company

3. Beneficial for future resume.

4. Career growth

5. I am ONE of the candidates that was chosen among the other thousand applicants.

6. Career stability

7. Blablablabla

Actually before that I've decided to work for Sushi Kin because I want to be myself and do something that I wont get bored of it. But I am a realistic people also, I must think about my FUTURE. I was thinking, if after 1 or 2 years I want to leave Sushi Kin......what kind of job I can apply after that? For sure it is better I choose to work for catering or F&B industry.

But I will grow old also, I will get marry also, I will give birth also. I know that I can't always work in the service industry. People having holiday, weekend, family day.....I HAVE TO WORK!!
And my lunch time forever cannot same with others normal people because lunch or dinner hour is my PEAK hour.

I know I might fed up with this job one day. So better make a BEST decision now. Just now while waiting for Liew and Spy interview, I saw the girl who interviewed me last week. I asked her alot about my duties, position and also my future. ( That day 4got to ask her =____=)

And now I know that, after 10 months confirm I will become a SECTION LEADER and my salary will increase up to RM1700. Then every year they have the evaluation, which means every year I got the chance to get promoted or increment for my salary. And the most important one, JAPAN trip. Ya...she said 10-15 candidates will be chosen for the training. Before go to the training, company will provide 3 months language course and their culture for us. ALL are FOC. Then, besides work as cashier, I also will work in different kind of department such as HR, marketing, PR, event etc. So, definitely I will learn alot during the 10 months.

Besides that, the Malay guy who interviewed Spy and Liew told them, there is NO retrenchment in JUSCO one. Even that time when 1997 financial crisis, they also didn't retrench anyone and they still have bonus some more. And guess what....there have special discount for staff. Although the item already discount 50%, but we can get more than that. Good right? haha...yaya, my Auntie and housewife pattern come out again. Please no good, must save $$.

That's why I choose to work for Jusco now. Hehe ^^

So now, I don't need to worry about my career. I can concentrate well in my Final Exam **

Today I went for second interview at Sushi Kin which is located at Subang Jaya. Well, nothing special because they asked me go for second interview just want to ask me when can I start working and some informations about my job. Guess what, actually they only offer me RM1600 same as Aeon, I also consider a Management trainee for them til I complete my 6 months training programme. Walauweh...that day the 2 ladies said give me Rm1800 one le...Today the senior HR executive said NO, they only pay Rm1600 for MT, never pay higher before also.

Okay...But today we talked alot about my job. She even asked me got apply any other job onot. I told her I am considering between Sushi Kin and Aeon. She is quite nice, she said she wont force me which company I should got for but....She asked me work fo Sushi Kin because she said she confirm I will learn alot from Sushi Kin and ya...Aeon, I have to fight with thousand of people. Then blablabla....

Arrggg....I am so headache now and I have to reply Aeon by 2molo.

-to be continue-

Okay, I am streeful recently. I am not only need to worry about my final exam but for my future as well. I went to Aeon and Sushi Kin interviewed last week. And guess what, both companies offer me in the same time.

So I must do a comparison between Sushi Kin and Aeon before I accept the offer. For Aeon, I will work as management trainee and they provide me 10 months On and Off job training. They pay me Rm1600 and others normal benefits like 14 days annual leaves, overtime, uniform etc. And will increase Rm100 after the 10 months training. Then I will become a Section leader as you can see from the pictures below. Besides that, the most important for me is....jeng jeng jeng jeng. The JAPAN training for 6 months. Aeon will pay me Rm1600, and flight,makan and hostel wil be provided by company. But they only choose few ina batch. Obviously, I am under Jan 2009 batch and every batch they will recruit about 100-150 management tranees which means I have to fight kuat kuat in order to get the chance. ^^

For Sushi Kin, I will work as Branch manager for the outlet and they will pay me RM1800 every month and I can eat FREE sushi wahaha. Obviously the pay is higher than Aeon Rm200. Others benefits are roughly same.

My duties as Management Trainee for Jusco.

My career opportunities work for Aeon.

The chart of career development.

And this, my Career Path which is the MOST important one.

In order to avoid choose a wrong company and I might be regret after that. I've seek for many opinions from all my friends and ex-lecturers as well.

Spy - Choose Aeon in order to TRY new stuff since I never try before.

Liew - Aeon also because yea, he think it is better than Sushi Kin.

Suharto - He suggested me work for Sushi Kin because he said in order to achieve my aim which is become An successful Restauranteur, I should take this opportunities to gain more experiences and see how they run a high-turnover restaurant.

Feon - Sushi Kin for better pay and better benefits.

Pei Pei - Sushi Kin because can get FREE sushi everyday and higher pay. Other than that, she also worry Aeon wil bully me and push me to this and that department. And ya, she said I will work with a lot of malays and indians people. haha

Ms Susan - She said she is more prefer Aeon because I can learn a lot from this company and the career path is there. I just need to work hard and work smart in order to achieve higher position.

Mr Sivaguru - Aeon again, for better future prospect. He said Rm1600 os good enough for a single person while in training. And he said..."Aeon will give you exposure to large supermarket retail business. I think this will give you more career growth".

Doris - My cousin who is Makerting manager for Nissan, she also suggested me work for Aeon. Because she said work as manager for a restaurant is not easy because they expect me can Bao San Bao Hai which means I have to settle everything for the company.Then if the sales is drop, I am the one who need to answer for it. The most important is, she said I can learn alot from Aeon.

My father - He is more prefer if I am the manager for the sushi kin, because of the term MANAGER. He said if I am a manager now, after 1-2 years if I quit, I am under managerial level already. So the chances I get a high post job is easier than a mgmt trainee. Besides that, he said Rm1600 memang not easy for me to survive in KL. He said :" you dont know la, NO money to use is very kolian one la nowadays. ".

My mother - Aeon better, because sushi kin ask me work when public holiday including chinese new year. mother sure cannot one la. She said like those indon maid or vietname ppl who work for my papa, so kesian like that. Hahaha..But not really la. I can apply in advance one. haha

Okay, I am confusing now because don;t know which to choose. Anyway, I am going for second interview 2molo for Sushi Kin. And I have to reply Aeon by this Friday. So I will make a decision after 2molo la.......

All the best S'berry ^^

Today's topic is GUYS ARE LEBIH.

Why I said Guys are lebih?


According to my observation, they are !!!!

Example 1: Sxhxrtx Sixxmpxl ( Sorry, I must protect him)
- When we want to go out makan/shopping/movie etc.
He sure will said: " It's ok, u guys go la. I want to do my thing blablabla.
But actually he wants to go, just...he wants us PUJUK and PUJUK and
Keep on PUJUK him, then he only GO.....

Example 2: Suxartx Sitxmpxl
- As above -
But, this is MORE than PUJUK because you ust use those
SWEET words such as...
We cant have fun without you!
We cant survive without you!
The world is black and white without you.
We need you bra/bro.
etc etc and etc...

Example 3: xuharxo Sitxxpxl
- This is another interesting case, because.....
According to my best sister S.S ( as above) Not Syok sendiri,
He said: " when a girl says NO means YES !!
When we say YES means NO!!
When we say Want means Don't want!
When we say Don;t want means we are desperate on it!
Wtf man....totally wrong! We are human being also,
so we just follow our emotion la...

So the conclusion is, he is a man who like to PREDICT.
Stop PREDICTING man!!!!!!!!!!

Recently, we all crazy abt the Pet Society in FaceBook. We can rare a pet in the society, then we can feed them, play with them, clean their shits, bathe them, sayang them etc. Besides that, our pets also can race with fren's pet in the stadium. Here are the pictures to feast your eyes.....

This is my pet - BerryBom. And ya, this is the house I bought for her.
I used X'mas theme as part of my decoration. And below the picture, you may see
the rank among other pets. #1 is Ms susan, #2 is SPY and Feon.

This is my 2nd room for her to play around ^^

This is the stadium for us to compete with each other.

This is the most funny part, when they go slow motion at the finish line.
This memang can make you gan jiong man. Hahaha

Outside the stadium....

The furniture shop. They sell sofas, chairs, lamps, bathtub etc.

This is the supermarket for us to buy Foods for our pets.
They even sell B'day cake that costs $2000

Oh ya, this is the luxury shop which sell those high end stuffs.
I can't afford.Sigh ~

This is the D.I.Y shop that sells floor tiles, wallpapers, doors, windows etc.

This is their saloon which can change their image, hairstyles etc.

Hahaha...they also have a boutique that sell clothes, pants, dresses, watches etc.

We can even write messages to other pets. This is the sample of a msg sent
by Poppy's master - SUHARTO SITOMPUL.
( Must read the msg carefully)

Spy's pet - Hazel ( Old version)

Hazel - Latest look. She is skipping, sooooo damn cute man^^
( but the color, comment)

Hazel and Poppy ( Suharto's pet)
So damn Alien right?
Worse than Has
Hazel and Fufy ( Sister Chan's pet)
Perfect match !!!!!!!!!!

Hazel kissing BerryBom.

Does my pet look adorable??
Sooooooo damn fucking damning CUTE!!!!
Try 2 compare with Poppy......

Piano and Guitar are very LOVING towards each other. Today, Dr Chan dismissed class earlier because today is our last class with him and he is flying to US tomolo. I will always miss him because he is so damn CUTE, I Love Abang Chan, haha ^^

Okay, come back to my True Love Story. Maybe today is a nice day, the weather is soooo cooling so it is soooooo nice to have a Lazy Nap. As YOU and YOU can see the pictures as below. Piano looks so ENJOY when huging Guitar. Soooooooo envy man!!!!

I only can hug my bolster T-T

Ya, he found out I was taking their picture =___=
So, faster cabut!!!!!!!!!

Wow, they are.....Spooning!!!! 2 in 1.
Sweet ~

And this, huging Guitar with his nice smell and furry hairy Ketiak.
Don;t worry, Piano got use deodarant RM8.90

Finally, we can online !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The stupid apartment NO water supply these few days!

Life is troublesome without water. Hate it man!!

Okay, I went for an interview at Sushi Kin today. I found from Job Street that they need Restaurant manager/ senior manager. Wow ~ " MANAGER" wor, of course I want man. Haha....Then they email me and ask me go for the interview, I was thinking like...ARE YOU SURE? Because I am just a FRESH graduate, so I decided to have a try and attended for the interview.

Before meet the interviewer, I have to fill in the application form. Oh My GOD !!!! I have to write an short essay and answer 5 maths questions, and the questions are not easy man. I didnt use calculator so took quite long time to finish it. Spy asked me why don;t want to use since nobody see but.....don;t know, just feel like better don;t use lo. Luckily, I answered all correct, wahaha ^^

Guess what?? They hire me and ask me when can I start for the 2 months training. I can't believe everything is like sooooooooo smooth man. But my parents not really agree I work for the Sushi Kin. Because work for service industry, I have to work when holiday etc. Haizzz.....

So how??? I am still considering. Anyway, I am going for another interview at Aeon company which is known as Jaya Jusco on coming Thursday.

Actually I wish to get the Genting job one. But I heard my friend said they very strict one. Then the interview have to do some personal and group test, and have to do a presentation some more. Life is not easy man, but wonderful !!!!!!

Come on, I don;t afraid !!!!!!!


Fuck TM....

We can;t online for more than 1 week......

Since last Thursday til today......

WTF they doing man????


I found this man at Asia Jaya LRT station last week. No doubt, he is a Sissy. And he is the fattest Sissy I met in my life time. He looks like very man, but If you observe deeply, U can see his Sissy bau come out. And yea, he is carrying a polka dot hand bag that U can see in the pictures as below. Well, nowadays we having alot of stresses in our life, exams, assignments, projects, sales etc. Kesian him ~

Anyway, we should not look down on him. And to Madam Liew, if U see him at LRT station next time, please....please...please don;t look at him like look at a freak. Because people also have Papa mama right?

He is very friendly when I ask him to take picture ^^

Met him again at KLCC, we got fate man. haha

She said if got chance she wish she can wear like this girl.........

Wow...can him say wow?

He ( Whistle) ......ask, can I have ur number?

Hahaha....I say: Please la, respect la ~

Dont understand? I like lah......


20 Nov 2008 Spy and I went to Italiannies because they are having promotion ------ Bowls of pastas which is 4 types of Pastas at only RM29.90 ^^

Design of Italiannies @ One U

Jeng Jeng Jeng ~

Caesar Salad RM13.90

Classic Pizza RM 30.90

Bowls of Pasta = Carbonara, Shrimp Linguine, Chicken Lasagna, Fusilli Pesto.
RM 29.90

The famous Strawberry Cheese Cake RM 13.90

Spy Love the Fusilli Pesto so much but she is not satisfied with the Lasagna because she said NOT NICE. But for me the damn yummy ~ And ya, don;t understand what so nice for the cheese cake. Some famous food blogger said it is so damn nice but.....I can only give 50% out of 100%. But is is quite big so can share by 2-3 person.

I am prefer the cakes from Delicious, particularly the Carrot Cake ~ Mamma Mia ^^

This is the LATEST pillow but too bad, in the world only Madam Liew ada....Wana try? Please call 017-3278113
(24 hours)












And AFTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Berry says: Seriously, this is not what I request.Yaya, cannot deny there is some SMALL changes on his bed but stilllllll.......

Starbucks Coffe ^^

ShangHai Noodles @ La Malina

Tomyam Mihun @ La Malina

Mushroom Soup but I use to call it NIPPLE soup ^^
haha...guess what? Bra ate the nipple T-T