20 Nov 2008 Spy and I went to Italiannies because they are having promotion ------ Bowls of pastas which is 4 types of Pastas at only RM29.90 ^^

Design of Italiannies @ One U

Jeng Jeng Jeng ~

Caesar Salad RM13.90

Classic Pizza RM 30.90

Bowls of Pasta = Carbonara, Shrimp Linguine, Chicken Lasagna, Fusilli Pesto.
RM 29.90

The famous Strawberry Cheese Cake RM 13.90

Spy Love the Fusilli Pesto so much but she is not satisfied with the Lasagna because she said NOT NICE. But for me the Carbonara...so damn yummy ~ And ya, don;t understand what so nice for the cheese cake. Some famous food blogger said it is so damn nice but.....I can only give 50% out of 100%. But is is quite big so can share by 2-3 person.

I am prefer the cakes from Delicious, particularly the Carrot Cake ~ Mamma Mia ^^

2 fed her strawberries:

nola..don't really like the fusili, but it's okla..still boleh telan. i paling suka is the salad ler..and your carbonara...the shrimp one also not bad..


actually we shouldnt order the pizza n salad. we should order the pasta only...cos..quite alot ler..hor?

salad ok la...pizza...nvm la...at least we try right?