Sorry, I forgot to mention just now...

I SAW Bernie just now at bus station !!!!!!

She was going to buy ticket to travel to KL,

I keep bising when i saw her because she NEVER inform one of us that she is back to Melaka.

Her reason is...." I am too tired already and I just want to sleep"


p/s: Anyway, I respect her decision la because she got the right to choose what she wants her life to be, haha and deeply understand that she LOVE to sleep , ZZzzzzzzzzz

Hope to see her soon ^^

Dear my friends,

I am sorry because I am too busy recently and totally got NO time to online. If I online, I only go for online banking to do some transaction or update info.

I am glad that my business is getting better every single day. I got a special feeling....which is, God will take more care of those hardworking people ( hahahaha)

My business hours from 9:30am - 9:30pm extended to 11 something night, so can u imagine how tired I am everyday? No rest day, No public holiday ( I also dont want la) because I am very enjoy with it. I love my job very well....( honestly)

I dont know how to describe my feeling right now, because I got no feeling. Zach asked me, izit I start to feel tired already? Of course NO!!!! I realized I am very enjoy ^^

I got no feeling maybe...maybe la, I am too busy and got no time to think so much alreayd. No matter I got how many new ideas or decisions, I cant do it now also because I must fully focus on my business because now is the SEASON !!!

I will do something after CNY la.

p/s: I got abit unhappy because I tak sempat to start my POS system before CNY. My bad~

You’re not in Kansas anymore, You’re on Pandora!!!!!

You cannot imagine how much I LOVE this show >>> AVATAR !!!!!!

2days ago, I went to GSC to watch the Avatar 3D ( because Chan wanted to watch 3G so I just teman him la, he is soooooo kesian, haha) and guess what???

I am just came back from MBO about 20 minutes ago. I watched 2nd time with S.P.Y wahahahaha. I cannot deny, this is a BEST movie and although this is my 2nd time and definately, I will go for 3rd even 4rd time. ( 2molo half price, jeng jeng jeng)

SPY asked me which part of the show is my favourite........

After my 2nd time, I can confirm this.........part was my top favourite!!!!!!!!!!! So Sweet ^^

No doubt, my english level is very low. And don;t know why I am so stupid...Everytime after watch a 3D show, I will tell myself to remind myself DO NOT go for 3D show anymore in future. Because there is NO SUBTITLE provided in 3D show. Haishhhh............

Can you imagine? I can said...when the 1st time I watched Avatar 3D without subtitle, I only can understand 35%, and it was very nice for me, 2nd time I can totally understand and it was FANTASTIC for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Na'vis are not good looking but I dont mind to be one of the people. I love their world, I love the plants with lights, wow wow wow....I love it!!!! I want to ride " The Shadow", for me, who can ride the shadow is like who can drive the MOST powerful sport car in the Earth .

If I can, I would like to make some changes for the show. I won't let Grace died and Trudy Chacon as well. They are NOT deserve to die, and I dont mind if Norm Spellman die, hahahaha....( just my opinion la)

I LOVE Neytiri, she is gorgeous for me ( although her face is not like Angelina Jolie but I can see her beauty in the show.

The end ~

09-01-2010, 11:42pm, listening to Life House - You and Me right now.....

Let's S.T.A.R.T ~

I am totally agree that musis can represent the one's mood, so from the song I am listening now, guess my mood now...#@&^%$$##$$

My Life ~

You noe what is the different between LIFE and SURVIVE???

You are having your own LIFE or you are just....surviving every single day???

Everyone is doing the same thing every single day but.....

You enjoy or not?

You love your job or not?

Or...u no need to work, then u can do whatever you love everyday like...sleep, eat, watch TV, surfing, chatting, then sleep again, eat again....( This is your life style? But I dont wish to have this kind of LifeStyle)

LifeStyle means you must live with a style??

Then what kind of lifestyle consider got style??

Having a RM100++ brunch?

Using branded stuff like RV, LOREX, GUCI??

I wish I can have this kind of life one day but....not only that ~

I dont have the lifestyle as I mentioned above but....

I do enjoy my life and this is my lifestyle !!!!!!

StrawBerry's life :

10am-12pm will get up from my bed ( without alarm, just sleep until natural get up = sleep with a style, haha)

Drink protein and positrim after that....

Will go to factory or shop awhile then, start my journey!!!!

I always need to go to Banks, then once a month to Astro, TnB, etc to settle bills.

Then go back to my shop to do paper works.

Will serve customers when it's needed (especially handsome one) haha

These few weeks I am creating the products' code for the POS system, so I need to re-arrange my stocks, in the same time I will try to "make friends" with them, my products....only 10% got barcode, some even TIPU one, especially those stuff from China, they just create for....nice only, cannot use one. haha. So, I decided to create my own one, not easy, my barcode is 9-11 included
alphabet and numeric, then I need to count the balance of my stocks, have to find out see my mum got solok the products or not ( she always forget where she solok the stocks) $##@#$#$

My products are NOT easy to arrange and create a code for them. Mmm...easy to create a code but, products info are insufficient. Why? Because my uncle bankrupt in 2008, so we paid him 15-25k for ALL his products, so when I need to key in the cost of the product, this is the problem...haih

Nvm, I knew it before I start, I know it is NOT easy but I know I MUST do it. Because there is nothing is easy in the world ( especially business) When I decided to use a MODERN way to run a TRADITIONAL business, I know it will be very tough for me but....I WANT TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!

Dont know why, I always got a thinking which is....I believe GOD will give those hardworking people a chance to be success!!!! I know God is watching us so I dont mind to work hard, I dont mind to get dirty, I dont mind I work 7 days per week........

I believe, one day...I will get MORE that I GIVE!!!!!!!!!

Dont ask me where I get the motivation from....because I also have no idea, why suddenly I am so HOT in my business. And I am enjoy it and NEVER ponteng one day even, haha. ( Last time worked in Charming, I will ponteng at least 2-3 days per month, haha)

9:30pm close shop, then travel home mandi, if didnt go yamcha with frens then I will...continue do my paper works ( cannot believe I am so hardworking now, haha)

11:30pm - 12:30am Will play PSP before sleep, sometimes will play til 2-3am.haha

My mission, plan to adjust my time to get up from bed. If can go out from home at 10am it's perfect for me, hehe

To be continue ~

Not a big decision actually, just.....

realized, update a short and simple post everyday also not bad.

ehem ehem, not every single day la.

when I got time and got the mood...

i decided to update a short post !!!!

You agree?


Hi readers, sorry for no update lately. ( haha, sound like i got millions of readers)

Anyway, I am pretty busy recently....til after CNY because CNY is my super peak season for my business.

Will update when I got time, bye ~