Now is 0305 of 31/08/2007......
ya ya..i havent sleep yet, why????
No reason, jus feel like dun wan 2 sleep only.

Here got a STORY want 2 share with u guys..
It is abt a SPECIAL PIG.. how special???
ok...lets start >>>>>>>>

Long Long Long time ago ~
This happended in a PIG FARM....
A piglet thinking abt his life...
He dun understand why PIG 's LIFE...
MUST eat then sleep after that eat summore ..
until FAT then wait for human KILL n EAT????
So he looking 4 a method that do not let ppl KILL....
He start 2 dance... dance dance dance n dance.....
he was very hardworking and dance everyday...
The others pig told him dun be silly..jus eat n sleep la..
Dun waste the time and energy ~
BUT the piglet didnt GIVE UP....

Until one day....
The farmer saw it n he thk that the piglet is special,
so farmer decided bring him go 2 the town...
and all the people like the piglet so much...
FArmer make alot of $$ bcs of the piglet.....

In the end, the piglet's life has changed...
The farmer very SAYANG the piglet and...
feed him the best food and treat him so good ~

So, this story told us DO NOT give up...
when we facing any problem....
having any trouble....

A pig also can change his life...
why we kennot???

Just now S.P.Y suggested have a meeting with L 2molo.
But i dun thk it is needed bcos NO NEED la ~
Anyway, He kennot make it bcos need 2 work 2molo.
OK, so we are have a conversation at MSN jus now..
I know, S.P.Y is giving him a chance 2 save our frenship..
BUT.. easy?? possible onot??
My opinion is.. NOT EASY la..bcos HE'VE CHANGED ALOT.
Jus now when we wan2 go back frm BRA's there..
MEET him n his pet pet BUT....TOO BAD...
He NEVER say HI 2 us..even a SMILE also dun have.
So i know..he kennot save anymore lar ~

Well..i got no feeling this time bcos...
SIEN ord la.. really DEAD HEART la...
what 2 do???

2day i pontang for class but know a news that..
everyone are BOSONG with it...
It was LIEW rejected them for break1st BUT...
Went with his petpet..too bad...SAME PLACE.
hahaha.. banyak Soi la.. hahahaha

bye ^^

I am SICK right now....
I got FLU....
Not bird flu la ~
BUT this FLU make me suffer T-T

Well..what's the different btween Pet & pet pet.
Pet mui mui means ONE lar ~
Pet pet mui mui means TWO lor ~ haha

Last nite Mr L brought his pet pet 2 KL..
Then come back at 5 morning sumthg..
FUYOH ~ they are sumthg happended izit???
UMMM.......(free for gv comment)

2day class...left Yayun and Mr L.
I guess yayun still sleeping and..
Mr L also but with 2 girls......
FUYOH again ~ ~ OMG ~

Saw CICAK CACAT 2day..
really pityful la but i am happy, why??
haha, bcos he is so bad always bully us.
I guess ya if i ketuk + cubit him..
then i RUN,he sure kennot catch me..
Then he will CRY hahahahahahahhahaha

bye ^&^

Yesterday,cafe's business very GOOD til..
not enuf stock 2 use so i hv 2 go to the TESCO buy,
asked SPY accomp me BUT tesco is FULL HOUSE man.
The people are so terrible,like cum out frm kampong man.
But i got no choice, even alot ppl but i hv 2 go also..

So as usual i go n buy the stuff la~
But suddenly i SAW a gameboy...NOT on the floor.
It was on some baby cloths there.
At that time a group of MALAYS was choosing the cloths,
dun noe why, they kennot see the gameboy at all.
Even it was In front of them...

HAhaha..too bad, i SAW it then i go n hv a look la~
Then i pura-pura On see the gameboy alive onot.
FUYOH~ still can use wei ~
Then i pura-pura AGAIN then told SPY we send it 2 conuter la.
SO I HELP THE OWNER KEEP 1ST LA...hahahahahaha

Before that i plan 2 buy the gameboy one ~
but spy said waste $$ so i didnt buy lo ~
BUT NOW I GOT IT yeah ^^

I am having Mr F class again here.
Jus now he told us a joke but as usual la ~
Not funny at i am so sorry,really kennot laugh,
even smile also hard...haizzzzzz

He is a good lecturer, bcos he is trying his best..
but too sad,his skill is not good enough..
I have been at scm for 3 years ord..
For me, the interesting lecturers that will not make me sleepy..
are..Steven wong,sharon,chua,zuraika,yeo.

But i thk sharon is the most funny one haha.
although she is not so professional la but...
she is really cute. yala.will pusing sometimes but..
this is their culture, we kennot say anythg wat rite?

ok, this is for 2day^^
-happy day- bra keep saying i am Pretty 2day.
haha.exciting man

Today my tittle is >> refers 2 above ^^

I found that nowadays, alot ppl dun noe how 2 use their brain.
ya..they all also got brain but too sad...
dun want to USE..why??

This is for females or girls :
If u noe a guy frm internet only for one month..
will u follow the guy go 2 his house onot?
And his house is out station...far away frm ur house.
Then not for makan angin...
Ask the guy find a JOB for her pulak..
yala..mayb he is ur PET brother but..
jus a PET brother ok??

This is for Guys or Boys :
Will u From ur house Drive 2 KL 2 fetch somone onot?
And the girl u only noe her frm internet for 1 month only,
Pay toll fee + petrol + energy + time + money etc etc.
yala, even she is ur PET sister but only 1 month ler.
Then bring her n her PET sister pulak stay in ur hostel.
Oh My GOD ~ what is this man?????

I am very sorry, BUT i am really kennot accept...
Really dun understand, and kennot accept at all.
As a FREN i ord advice my fren, hope he can understand me,
BUT he dun wan 2 listen 2 me and...the girls are in his hostel now.
I ord noe my fren for 2 years ++ but he TRUST his PET sist more than..
S.T.R.A.W.B.E.R.R.Y ....

2 days before he decided clean his room,
we are so happy bcos he do sumthg for his room ord.
BUT now i realized he clean his room + wash toilet NOT for us,
Jus bcos his PET sister and his PET sister's PET sister wan 2 cum n stay,
I am TOTALLY dissapointed and Dun wan talk 2 my fren anymore.

And u guys dun noe...
How his PET sister talk 2 him...
like her slave huh ~ so y must like this le??
Possible onot? KL ppl wan2 cum 2 malacca cari makan?
cari makan = working????? mood 2 write anymore.

Some people around me keep saying the same thg 2 me..
It is " Strawberry, u sure can go far".

i wound like 2 ask....
what is the DEFINITION of far????
very Far means how far???
Japan? US ? UK ? India ? Africa????
I dont know....

I found that when ppl told me i can go far,
I feel STRESS >>>>> because i scared i kennot go.....
Dont expect i can go very far + high...
U may dissapointed one day ok????

I hope i can go far also.......

My favourite game >> Super Mario ^^

Fuyoh..syok man, this is my DREAM perfume ...
Someone special bought me this perfume >>Amor Amor.
I love it so much....
Thanks dear ^^

Yeah..i am 21 years old oredi....
My feeling is So Happy and excited ^^
Well..quite simple for this year, No party at all....
And also NO makaning at all >>>>
My family keep asking me held a Big party...
But i Dun want bcos i noe..In the end i am sure earn alot,
But my family especially my mummy sure very tired.
So no need la..BUT >>>>> Unfortunately >>>>>>

My fellow frens gave me a surprise jus now..
After finish my dinner with my family at Restaurant,
abt 9:40pm i follow S.P.Y went 2 Yayun's house...
I noe they sure will give me a Surprise...and i estimated...
Jus a birthday cake with candle lights la...
BUT...besides the cake....MY WHOLE FACE IS CREAM~
GELI MAN... tis is not the normal simple cream....
It was the cream tat guys use for shaving their misai etc etc.
And gto some Orange smell pulak huh ~

I am really enjoy it la ~ hahahahaha
I ord try my best 2 catch cicak busuk but i failed..
bcos his legs are too long n he run very fast...
I suspect he got his own TURBO man..dun play play ok?
then my bra also...i feel so weird..he is FAT n HEAVY..
how cum he can run so fast ehh??? haizzzzz

Anyway,too matter how happy n funny..
My birthday PAST ord..and i am 21 years old ord. fast...really fast.... very soon...i will bcum 30years old.
So scary T-T i dun like this..i wan 18 years old every year ^^
Even i got no party but i still earn alot...
I got Ang pao RM868 from my family only..
My own family not include uncle uncle auntie auntie..
Fuyoh..i kennot imagine if i held a BIG party man...
Father pay all the $$ then i receive only...
too late for regret now la..hahahahaha -JOKING-

Lastly, i wan 2 THANKS my frens...
I wont 4get 2nite...Never....u guys are the best ^^
I love u guys xoxo

Money can be define as...............
(pls refer to Mr liew kee loon ^^)

Well,izit Money very important for us??
Why human being LOVE money so much??
why why why???

Because >>>>>>>>>>
1. Liew wan2 paktoh with 5 girls in the same time?
2. s.P.Y want 2 go Italy eat the pizza and cheese stuffs?
3. Bra want 2 attract 3D back for him??
4. Chan wan2 set a gym room in his house so will bcum stronger??
then Barney will fall in love with him??
5. Yayun want 2 own a Nasi Lemak mamak?? lol
6. Cicak busuk wan2 buy a Tong 2 simpan LEMAK??
7. Barney wants alot and alot?? watever la..
8. Me??? I wish can go AROUND the world with my LOVE ^^

Ok, now..i would like 2 ask u guys...
I am sure..90% people will answer me " I got NO $$."
10% like ah liew...It is impossible dream but GOOD la.^^
For those 90% people...i would like 2 ask u guys >>>>
Ya,ask urself now..when?? when?? 2molo? next year??
ehhhh plsssss la... SHUD TAKE ACTION NOW OK??

I am not asking u 2 join my mask comp...
of course it is one of the ways.........
No matter wat is ur plan..possible onot? reasonable onot?

-free for giving ur own comment here-

Hey guys..wat will u thk when u see the word >> 1st CLASS???
MAS airline's 1st class seat???
1st class that u attend in scm???
or...always want be the 1st class student???
haha...anyway,i jus wan2 show off that.............

I GOT 1st Class Honour for my FOMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My current feeling is ...WOW ~ FUYOH ~ watever la.
Honestly, i got no feeling at all for my result.
S.P.Y said she is proud of me bcos my result was GOOD.
But for me..i jus wan2 past,thats all ^^

However,i got 1st class in the end.
Someone told me must carry on...but...
i got no motivation and energy 2 concentrate for Mr.F class.
His class is SUCKSss..damn bored.
I dun noe why..we got the notes in our hand....
he got the notes also...why still wan2 use the OPH?PHO???
To show that this is IT class so hv 2 use some IT stuff???
No NO will make us feel SLEEPY ZZzzZZZzzzzzZZzzzzzzzz...

I hate Him.....bcos.....he siad......
Strawberry, u are childish...
Dun wan focus in the classssssssss...
why 2day u late?? then i answered....
" Sir, i only late for 2 minutes 2say."
He said...2 minutes also consider late wat !!!!!
ok k..u are great Mr F...(F = his name not F.U.C.K)


I knoe spy ord post it but.....
i want 2 mention in my blog kennot ehh?
kepoh.. huh !!!!!!!!!!

Liew Kee Loon = Bapak Lipas
Tan Beng Huat = Bapak cicak
Suharto = Bapak Babi. hahahaha

I found that my classmates are from hutan or???
I dun noe.. they are very weird man.
We(me n spy) found more than 5 cucu lipas in liew's
car in a same time.This is terrible+horrible man.
I kennot imagine his room..his future family....
To Liew : Pls get a life ok??? G.B.You

Yup,in the end we didnt go 2 genting...
the reason is.... pls refer to above ~
and i decided wont follow his car anymore..
even he ord wash his car..but i am SURE the lipas still there.
From this story,i learned that WE HV 2 KEEP CLEAN ALL THE TIME.
If not..when u found that ur car or room got ALOT lipas....
it is not easy 2 destroy them ok??? haizzzzzzz

To bapak cicak : hehe..pls eat more vege especially TAUGEH ok?

To Bra + Zac : Pls save ah LIEW frm his lipas world ok?? PLSSSSSSS
Really sorry, i kennot stay with him !!!!!!!!!

To Chan : God Bless you in 2008 ok?? Good luck baby...
Hope u wont bcum like ah liew when u stay with


-I am Serious-