Umm.. 2day my blog tittle is RECENTLY ~
Just wana let all my dearest FRens know wat am i doing now,
hehe, i am working in a cafe with S.P.Y right now..
WHERE?? Rat House..haha. nola. is Biz Lounge lar ~
Umm, salary is not consider high but for me still acceptable ^^
Rm700 include makan + drinks + parking FOC..
most important is i wana gain the experience bcos ...
never be a waitress b4 in cafe.. and frm next week i will bcum
the bar tender in biz lounge...Eh~ really learn alot frm this cafe ^^

But.. dun like their mgmt and the stupid boss...
He like not care abt his cafe, only focus on his Direct selling..
OMG ~ he asked me JOIN him pulak.. eat shit la.
I hate Direct Selling !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So i have 2 work 6days per week, my OFF day also different with spy.
Thats y no time ajak u guys yamcha lo...
If u guys dun mind can cum 2 biz Lounge, i can gv u 10% hehehe

ok, i wan2 take my wangi bathe ord. see ya ^^
so MISS u all..hinks hinks hinks T-T

Umm.. recently found that no mood 2 update my blog.
After final exam i felt damn lazy 2 do anything besides..
eat n sleep ; sleep n ear ; sometimes i will make shit la. lol
ok, jus came back frm Genting, not bad for this journey...
abit cold but very nice for ZzzZZzzzzz.....i went with S.P.Y
and some my KL@NS frens....before that plan 2 go with
suharto they all but... some kennot make it...some dun noe la.
So mayb next year when we all go 2 PJ study only go again lo.
haizz.. no fate la. what 2 do? haha....

What is my planning now??
umm.. will find a job then earn some pocket $$.
and always stay at home also will be very bored....
hope can be waitress bcos wana change a new environment.
dun noe y ah liew so LOVE selling hp le?? haizz..
I kennot always stay at a same place.. i will siao @_@

will update more n more ~ bye

1. Are u photogenic?
:: nope

2. What time do you go to bed?
:: midnight

3. What was the last thing you did
before this?
:: burp...

4. Who do you call if you need help?
:: my brother in-law

5. What's on your mind right now ?
:: -blank-

6. With whom do you wanna be with?
:: daniel wu...haha

7. What movie do u wanna watch now?
:: Shrek 3

8. When was the last time you went
:: half an hour ago

9. What do you hate the most for now?
:: my father, Yeo Ah Ter

10. What do you do everyday besides eat
& sleep?
:: shit

11. Colors that make you happy ?
:: yellow

12. Most fave thing in your room?
:: my desktop

13. Miss someone?
:: of course!

14. Plan to buy something?
:: all the time

15. Are you satisfied with your life
:: yes.

16.Do you like seafood?
:: am so LOVIN it..

17.Breakfast or dinner?
:: lunch

18.Like chocolates?
:: no

19.Do you have a phone? What model?
:: LG chocolate

20. What is your favorite fast food?
:: McD...

21. Cats or dogs?
:: dogs

22. Salty or sweet?
:: sweet

23. City or country?
:: country

24. Is kissing normal for your age?
:: yeap

25.Are you athletic?
:: yeap

26.Favorite band for now?
:: MayDay

27. Do you have your own cell phone?
:: yeap

28. What do you wear to bed?
:: t-shirt with panties

29. Ever had a crush on a teacher in
high school?
:: no

30. Coke or Pepsi?
:: pepsi

31. sugar or spice?
:: spice

32. Can you use chopsticks?
:: sure...

33. Do you care about getting high
:: not at all....

34. Have you ever fallen asleep in
:: always...

35. Get a job or ask your parents for
:: get a job la...

36. Is your dad strict?
:: nope...

37. Do your parents give you enough
:: yeap..

38. Do your parents trust you?
:: yes...

39. Do you make friends quickly?
:: yea..

40. Do you tell your mom everything?
:: nope..

41. What do you & your parents fight
about mosT?
:: we seldom fight...

42. If u love someone & he/she rejected
u, what will u do to him/her?
:: do nothing.

43. Can u sing or rap?
:: of course i can sing well!

44.What do u think bout this survey?
:: too much questions~