Phew...I am just finished my first paper which is ABE ( Asian Business Environment). This time is very special for me because honestly...I didn't memorize at all. I am not really know why I become like this, just feel like NO MOOD to memorize. I can swear!!! I just read my notes like read the story book like that,is it weird?? ya..for me YES.

I just make sure i understand what is that and...ya, write out by my own word. So I am not really know can past onot, but I am very happy now. The reason is not I've finished this paper. The reason is I am brave enough to sit for the exam without memorize!! Unbelievable man...hahaha. Maybe I just want to test my level and see whether I can write it out by myself onot..

I am very happy with the time table this time because it is giving us enough time to do the preparation. Before ABE paper I only prepare my own notes for it, never see the TKM at all. Haizz.. My 6 sense tell me I might fail this paper. But I don't scared at all, just feel normal and if fail just re-take again lo. Not a big deal wat..ceh ceh...

But I am quite enjoy with the feeling that NOT tension when sitting for the exam. The feeling is I am swimming in the Hawaii sea. So~ relax and relax**

ok..hopefully this few days I can understand well the TKM la..HOPEFULLY **

These few days.....I found the TRUE COLOUR of my friends.

He will simply throw the tisu that he USED anywhere. No matter the tisu is wet or dry, he will throw...the place that he reach SURE got the tisu one. So scary man, like a girl with period then need 2 wrap all the time. wakakaka

Besides that, he will always play guitar and singing when we are still sleeping in the morning. And his voice is so scary and LOUD man. I feel like want to KILL him. Other than that, he will suddenly FART when we are not aware.

p/s: Keep your food in a safety place. If not your food will...dissapear!!!! lol

K.L.Liew :
After cook maggie mee, he will ALWAYS forget to clean and clear the plastic etc. Not only this, he pour nescafe/milo...then enjoy it...mmmmm~ nice. Then will ALWAYS forget to wash his mug. Well...I don;t understand why he will always FORGET!!!!

And we found on the toilet bowl got shh...shh....stain. The color is VERY yellow like old man, then no body admit. Impossible is spy and I because we sit on the bowl and shh shh...BUT for the 2 guys...they said is NOT them so...We havent find out yet. Haizz...PLEASE lah all the guys, when u guys shh shh....tembak ZHUN abit can?

shh shee = wee wee

Lastly is Ah Liew is a FEMALE!!!!!! Because we found a blood stain on the floor that he always sit. I think that one is HER period stain pls la liew, need pad can ask from spy or I ok? lol

ok la..I need to study already.

-smile- no matter how stress, still need to be HAPPY ^^

yea..I am just come back from K.Lumpur. I went with S.P.Y to meet Bra and Liew at there, the reason we went there is just for....FUN ^^ haha...Nola, before that just feel like go there for our revision, because thought Ah Liew will get the tips the end, we got NOTHING!! Yes, is nothing. Haizzz..Liew got called the lecturer who incharge the ABE but he/she said already give to the class rep, cannot simply give to individual..Apa ni..nonsense la. So...just give up lo. What 2 do?

But luckily last night when chat with Ms.Yeo, she told me which part should focus more. Not consider tips, but at least got some directions what. Compare to the TKM, I think I just wait for die la. Hopefully can past then I will be extremely HAPPY already. ^^ GOD please bless me and all my friends...

Long time did not update my blog already. 1st is I don't have mood ; 2nd is when got mood but I got no connection. When we at K.L there, we don't have streamyx and when want to curi people's connection..I always cannot get. kesian. But so weird, Ah Liew always can get, NOT FAIR man. hahahaha

Anyway, It's time for me 2 study already.

All the best ^^