Dong Dong Dong Ding Ding Ding ~

Sorry, NOT ice-cream man...It's WEDDING BELLs !!!

I realized some of my friends getting marry soon.

Yun Kang - 19/07/2009 ( ord married)
Lily Octavia - 27/11/2009
Siew Ming - 28/11/2009
Old Orange - 10/10/10 or 09/09/10 ( Havent book yet)
Suharto - ?/?/? ( no GF yet but soon but don;t know when)

May be we memang BIG enough to get marry but....
I am still alone ~ T T

Actually not only me la...SPY, ZACH,BERNIE,CHAN,SUHARTO ...
(haha, I must pull you guys teman me)

Hi everybody, so far the Flight is CONFIRMED !!! RM225 per person, why not RM215????
Ok, because Air Asia charge RM5 for one check in luggage ( maximum 15kg). So depart one baggage , return one baggage so extra RM10.00

Actually Air Asia provide insurance also, which is RM16/18 per person but....but....I didnt buy for you guys including me because I think it is not necessary. Besides this, we also can purchase FOODs & DRINKs through online which is CHEAPER than you buy in the plane. Got Nasi Lemak, 1901 Hot dog, Chicken sandwich, fried rice etc. If anyone interested, I can buy also even though we already book. ( Can save 20% la) But, better don't eat la...very expensive and not very nice also. ( nasi lemak not bad la...when u are starving)

Below are the pictures that I print screen then crop then attach one, click the picture so will be more clear. Our depart date is 1-11-2009 at 7pm and return from Bali on 5-11-2009 7:05pm. The flight will take about 3 hours ++ la....

Why 1st not 2nd Nov??
Because 1st Nov is Sunday, so can save one day leave la. And the flight is at night so should not too rush. Make sure we reach LCC terminal at least 2 hours before, then we can check in, makan, lepak.

So, are you ready friend??

Zac designed a package for Bali trip.....

By morning
Reach Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali
Drop by Kuta for some sightseeing. So to the market or eat something.

By afternoon
Go to Sanur & check in the guest house. Rest awhile.
Go around Sanur town. Sightseeing again. Makan.

By evening
Go to Sanur beach. See naked angmoh.
Go back to guest house. Wash up.

By night
Go to Denpasar.
Not so sure about Denpasar’s night life but surely one of the things you’ll need to do is dinner.
Go back to guest house in Sanur. Sleep.

Eat breakfast in Sanur then go to Ubud.
See rice field terrace.
See cultural village. Cultural dance.
Can add anything else.
Go back to guest house, Sanur.
Relax by the seaside, eat and drink, what else? See naked angmoh again.
Can things you want from the package also.

Pack up. Leave guest house.
Go to Kuta/Seminyak/Legian for final hang around.
Go to Ngurah Rai Airport & back to Malacca.

Watering Hole 1, in Sanur
60000-100000rp = RM21-35 per night I think. Budget guest house.

Okay, red colour line is FIRST day, green colour is 2nd day and Yellow is 3rd day.
Please search for more pictures... ^ ^

Thanks Z ~



Hi everyone, sorry for keeping you guys waiting. Below is the email from my sister's friend. I told her we want 3 days 2 night package (because I think 4 days 3 nights will be more expensive la),and worry some of our friends can't get 4 days leave ^^

Dear Ms Yeo,

Below is the 3 Days Bali Fullboard Tour Itinerary as per request :

Day 1 Airport Transfer In + Uluwatu Ancient Temple (Dinner)
Uluwatu Temple - BBQ Set Seafood dinner at Jimbaran Beach

Day 2 Full Day Bedugul + Beratan Lake + Tanah Lot Temple (B, L, D)
Taman Ayun Temple - Beratan Lake Temple - Buffet Lunch at Lahbagga Restaurent - Tanah Lot Temple - Indonesia Set Dinner at Jumbo Kuring Rstaurent.


Day 2 Full Day Kintamani Volcano + Barong Dance + Ubud Handicraft + Tampaksirinf Temple (B, L, D)
Tradisional Barong and Kris Dance - Village Celuk - Village MAS - Ubud Handicraft center Buffet Lunch at Suling Bali Restaurent - Tampaksiring Temple - Kintamani Village - Chinese Set Dinner at Golden Palace Restaurent.

Day 3 Airport Transfer Out (Breakfast)
Free at own leisure until time for transfer to airport.

Tour Fare (Ground Arrangement Only) : (Adult) RM 458 + 20 Tipping (English Tour Guide) / 40 (Chinese Tour Guide)
Hotel Used : 3 Star Legian Paradiso or similar.
Fare is excluded of Air Ticket and Airport Taxes.
Fare is valid until 30 Sep 2009.

Okay, the package including....
-transport from Melaka to LCCT
-transport from Bali Airport to Hotel..( when we reach Bali)
-transport for Bali Airport
-transport from LCCT to Melaka

So now, the question is...FLIGHT!!! Want to book ourselves or ask them book for us? But my opinion is...faster set the Date, then we can book now.I assume the flight is about less than RM300*

Here is some pictures of the Hotel Legian Paradiso Bali...

Swimming Pool

In House restaurant

View from room

The Hotel Room

The package is flexible which means we can change/exchange the places or even request don't want to go so many temples etc. I think we should decide by this months, especially the date because have to book the flight and now Air Asia is doing promotion.

If Bernie coming back this week, I think we may go for gathering then can discuss.

Byeeeeeee ~

Sunday night. Plan to go to Jusco because SPY want to get a new sport shoes, but at last we cancel it because my sister don't want to go suddenly. So we decided online at a new CC which is located at Taman Bukit Melaka ( beside Skor A). I give 98% for their service, environment, connection, price etc. 2% I reserve for.......( hopefully next time I come everything will be maintain)

Chat with yayun just now, she asked me want to go travel onot. answer will always be YES !!!!! Because my mission in my life is to = Travel once a year !! Since I am working now, so I'm able to go travel without parents support. I must make sure can makan angin at least once a year, starting for sure I got not much money, so will go to those countries that i can afford one. Eg: Indo, Thailand, China, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam...

So when she asked me WHERE answer is BALI !!!!!!! I want to go BALI since last year, but last year I only can afford go to Bangkok...And I am still remember Mr Z missed his Bali flight few months ago which is cost RM700++ Muahahahahhaha ( kesian him)

Yun told me that she already talked to Z, he is alright with anything. Spy said she is ok, she also LOVE Bali so much...and of course Chan, he said need to apply leave, we will ask Bernie soon. And of course Bra...and my task now is to find out nice and economic Bali Package asap.... ( Below RM500 can be settle ord la)

Okay, will update the package info in near future. Here are some BALI pictures that I google from Internet.

Seafood ~ Yummy
Bali Beach

Wow....wonderful massage romantic ~

Avocado Milkshake ( highly recommended frm XiaXue)
BALI...I AM COMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

他有他的意见,你有你的想法,我有我的荆棘路. 珍惜每一天,活在当下,开心就好

Anyway, what I am going to say is totally not related to the sentence above.

Yesterday, as usual, we have In House Training. Before the training start, Mr X called me and... ask me why I told Mr L that he owe X money......

Ok, seriously I didnt tell him at all and I am 100% sure its will NEVER happen in my life. ( I means contact him) I guess its because Mr L read my blog so he knows that I know. And obviously I didnt mention about Mr X's real name even ( pls refer to my previous post)

See, means X didnt lie to me, and L contact him after he read my blog. So funny ~ X can't find him for few months and now, he contact him automatically. If I am not mistaken, he already bank in RM200 to X ( but not sure yet ). And L ask X call me and make sure I wont inform his mum. Hahaha... What a shame!!!!!!

Starting X abit unhappy that I spread the SECRET between him and L, but after I explain to him that I'm just post in my blog and I NEVER mention about his name at all. He okwith it and guess what ??? He thank me because of my blog, L return RM200 and promise will return another RM200 next months ...bla bla bla

>> Here is a message for Mr L.K.L <<>

Previous post : I talk about how bad luck I have, but yesterday someone called me......
The conversation between me and him as follow :

Phone ringing ~

BERRY : Hello ...

MR X : Hi, Berry, can you give me Jason's hp number?

B : Umm...why? I dont have his latest number wor.

X : Because I can't get him recently, he didnt answer my call and I sms him also no reply at all.

B : Oic...but I also don;t have his latest number la.

X : How come? You guys always together what....

B : .... Nola, because busy working and now I am working at Melaka and he is working at

X : Aiya, cannot like that one, even though busy but at least must keep in touch etc etc etc.

B : ( Cannot tahan anymore, and I dun wan 2 pusing anymore la) Actually there is some problem
happend among us ( SPY,Liew and I) So, I dont think we can continue be friend anymore.

X : Har? Aiyo...what happend? Why no more friend?

B : Bla Bla Bla Bla ( refer to previous post but is summary)

X : Aiyo..why he like that one? Then...actually I want to contact him bcause he owe me RM600
so I want to ask him return me the money but...

B: Har?? How come he can owe u RM600? He ask from you the money?

X : Half half la...I paid something for him 1st, he said will return me after that, but after few
months.....Another RM200 he called me midnight and said he got emergency, ask me borrow
him RM200. So I just want to give me a hand....but.....haih ~

B : Hah...I am 90% sure your RM600, will NEVER return in your lifetime. You should not
borrow him one, once you borrow him, from that day onwards...friendship between you and
him.....FINISHED !!!!!!

X : How I know he is this kind of people?

B : Har? you alreayd 30 over, you NEVER meet this kind of people in your life meh? Somemore
you are KL people. haha

X : Eh..seriously, NO le. I never kena this kind of thing before le. Haih ~

B : Nvm la..just learn from this lesson lo. If next time someone borrow money from you, you
must think carefully lo. Because once you borrow him/her, the friendship will end.

X : So, how can I get him and get back my money?

B : Only ONE way, call his mum and his mum will bank in to you ( I guess)

X : Must do until like that meh? I don;t think this is a better way because no good to get involve
his family...

B : I know I know, but...unless you don;t want your RM600 already??

X : Umm...d you have his mum's number? I keep first la...if not neccessory I don't want to call.

B : Ok...I sms you later. Bye bye

I am really really really want to Thank God that I see his true colour now. Kesian the guy but nvm la..just anggap buy a lesson lo. What to do? Sign ~

I am really hope he will change one day because continue like this, maybe one day Loan Shark will call me and ask his mum's number from me =____='''

God Bless Him