I suppose to work until 9th Dec because I need to give 1 month notice to my employer but....

Due to some " personal reason", I decided to leave earlier which means end of this month. So why today is my last day? Because I am going to attend a seminar at KL. My employer very kind and they strongly encourage me go for this kind of seminar, even some business courses.
( They always spent a lot of money for those courses, some cost them RM10,000 ++)

Anyway, I am bloody Happy right now because I no need to STUCK in office anymore. Haha ( after work in office for 6 months, I realized...I am NOT suitable office job, because I want FREEDOM !!!!!)

So, now...who want to celebrate with me? haha, we go and eat.......


PURE beef burger from Wok & Pan !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found out BALI also got Tune Hotel !!!

Just 11 minutes from Airport !!!!!!

Only Rp 98,000 !!!!!!!

Which means RM 32.66666 !!!!!!!

If want to add air cond ... just add la, around RM10-15 ( 12 hours) !!!!

wtf.... I HATE FATTY BALI TOUR GUIDE !!!!!!!!!!

huh ...

* next time I am sure book TuneHotel one if I got the chance to go again *

I decided to upload all the pictures in my mobile phone before I delete them and Sorry for....confusing because I just simply upload, not really remember the date, time even location. wahahahaha. So, ENJOY = )

Can you see the " batang" ? Damn big hor? Is a gear handle hehe

Car owner is a Chinese man from KL, he looks kolot actually..

He totally look like a man, but his car....too sissy la. haha

The " batang" again, I love it ~

The diamond so damn big man, if real one...YES, I DO!!!!!

Even the engine also got bling bling, what a expensive hobby !!

Imagine all the cars on the road got the lights, wow...nice ~

Very romantic if do something romantic in the car. @!#$$$#

WOW ...but i am not interested la..

A monster came to my house last month, why got a weird cushion? see the next pic.

Jeng Jeng Jeng....no wonder

Took this in the bus when we going to Airport

Sunday night, Music Cafe after 2012

Sleeping love....( like sleeping volcano, haha)

Blur LOVE...confused =___=

Come la..I feed you darling, sedap sedap sedap ~

Weird couple yamcha at Bert's Klebang.

This is nice, RM10 but cant remember the name.

Look at her hand, she damn scared man. haha
( in the EYE of malaysia)

Melaka view from the "eye"

Save it, I wont accept your love man...

Look like couple hor? haha

Nice pic? I took one, i got potential la...


yala yala, hp camera memang like that one.

Parking lots abit nia nia...sien

Waiting for foods at Geographer, Jonker..

We like Geo, nice place to hang out.

Tempura Prawns @ Asian Harvana

My hot Latte, nice ~


Honeydew milk....

Apple walnuts salad...something like that la.. Abit only. huh

A gigolo and a Bapuk....they are TOGETHER !!!

see...soooooo bapuk sial !!!

Monster eat alot

Ah ~ I am puteri lilin, the sun was so BIG...very hot n bright la.

what is this?

The buffet @ DreamBox, normal only but cheap la.

I like this bcos got seafoods toufu. hehe

This was so YUCKs, geli...is pasta actually

Nyonya makan place at Kota Laksaman

My pongteh chicken rice, i dont like...

Bcos the gravy was too....ligh for me.I want ket ket one.

Their menu, according to Zach, the pongteh is pongteh NOT ponteh.
So their spelling is CORRECT !!!

SPY's nasi minyak, very nice lo compare to mine.

Watched with Bernie, Zach and Spy on Sunday night. Very nice lo...but I am so scared this will happen also. The moral of the story is either you are very talented which I am NOT or you start to save up 1 billion Euro....

If not, lets die with your love one but for those are single and available, you may get your beloved pictures ( like Bernie, yayun...) from me, then hug it and die also not bad lalalalalala



Doesn't matter, for your travel plan, BUSINESS plan, proposal for your employer, to propose.....


Because we are just an ordinary people, and we can't predict what will happen on next second, to PLAY safe, we MUST always have a "back up" ( have a back up boyfriend also not bad ya?)

So, for my business...I always got more than ONE back up plan, some plans are totally not related to my current business field, haha...The reason is to fulfill different market needs and wants. I know it sound like not FOCUS and like play-play but......


I am serious one and everytime I have a brief plan for it but end up...I COOL already. Because once i got a new idea, I must take action asap, or else I will slowly forget about the plan and might come out another NEW plan. ( I know this is my huge problem, that's why I always say.....the most tough management is SELF-MANAGEMENT) Agree?

People will lazy very easily, will give up very fast once they found a small problem, will step backward when they saw a block...Because human being scared failure, they scared fall down because it's very hard to "stand up".

" Do not be scared to get involved because of past mistakes. Instead, correct the mistakes, confront them again."

My latest plans are ....
1. Implement a stock system to my shop.
2. Will get out from shop, focus more on marketing because got my own production.
3.1 Become a part time Tour Guide, focus on Melaka
3.2 In order to enrich my blog, will travel to few places to take pictures
4. Create a website/blog by myself for SHOP and Tour guide business
5. Expand my shop in 2010 because not enough space
6. Will go to Sabah/Sarawak survey the "place", will set up assembly production there

Hahaha...alot le my plans? So what? Make sure you got the PASSION !!!!!

Idea remaina an Idea until you take ACTION !!!! I totally agree so I will go to KL jalan-jalan on 28,29,30 Nov ( maybe longer). Actually I am going for a TRAINING at Hotel Sri Petaling to improve myself so just SunBian jalan jalan and take pictures for my tour guide plan lo = )

Ok, will update soon once I got an NEW idea or I had take action for any one of my PLAN !!!!

Tips from me to you :
Those ppl who working for employer now, if your boss ask you come out a plan. Eg: A marketing plan for year 2010 how to promote the brand. Listen, I suggest you come out 2 at least. If your boss dont accept the 1st one, then straight away present 2nd one, although he dont accept the 2nd one but at least he knows you are a worker who well prepared !!!!!!

Good Day ~

VERY easy!!!!!!!

Just found out few second before, then FASTER log in and post ~

I just want to listen to my favourite songs while walking on the busy street, can be shopping mall, jonker walk, even a silent cafe.

Favourite songs - Try to remember, starry starry night, these foolish thing, smile, everytime i close my eyes etc....

I just love to be myself !!!!!

Guess what...

I am searching the Hotel/guesthouse for our Bangkok trip !!!!!!

I know, I know. It's too early to search the hotel but..... I got the mood what ~

This time my TARGET is those Hotels/guesthouse/Inn that located at/near by Khao San Road, Bangkok. Khao San road is a short street in central Bangkok, known as " popular" place for backpackers due to the budget guesthouse and the night life there.

Of course, I will try to satisfy my fellow friends' Needs & Wants. As I know....

Yayun - Massages and SAFE trip. ( Auntie scared bad ppl rape her, lol)

Bernie - Always no comment, as long as can be with me ( haha..horse face) As I know she is quite cincai one, I guess...RELAXING and FUN are important for her.(correct?)

Chan - He wants to get drunk every night then can pretend Bernie is sleeping besides him ( but actually is Zach la) haha...

Zach - Budget, fun, freedom, NO shopping and maybe...CULTURAL? ( with yun anythg will be okay with him, haha)

Bra - "Chickens", if FREE will be better. haha. Emmm...I guess is Cheap BEERs with live band performance, HOT and HALF bigi ladies ( LadyBoy will be fine for him) hahahahaha...I think he wants beers, foods ( babi), music, and simply lepak find something NEW and FRESH~ yummy

SPY & I - Foods, massage, comfortable but not luxury guesthouse, exciting, Free & easy!!!

" Khao San Road has probably the highest density of bars per square metre, and they play a large variety of musical styles including hip hop, drum and bass, house, trance, chart music, rock and Thai music. Bars here are lively, cheap and draw a predominantly foreign crowd, although in recent years it has become a popular destination for more cosmopolitan Thais."

That's why, I choose KhaoSan road because you guys can find the Funs that YOU and YOU want!!!!!! ( alot of street foods at night)

I got few guesthouses in my list, for sure the price won't exceed RM100 per night. Roughly RM50-80 per night.Plan to book a Triple Room for guys, abt RM80 per night ( air cond + break1st), cheaper? Fan triple room, RM50++ also can get. ( but have to share bathroom with outsiders la)

Don't expect can get a very BIG and NICE guesthouse with this kind of rate, because I choose the guesthouse is...just need to walk 5 minutes ++ can reach the street, so the room will be small ( maybe bigger than First world, genting) but make sure it is Clean and not dirty #@$#$%$@!$%^ hahahaha

And we can take express bus from Airport, one person is RM15, direct reach KhaoSan road, there is few bus stop la...depends which guesthouse we book, some just need to walk for 5 minutes, some maybe longer la...

Let's see some pictures, so you will get some pictures ahahahaha....(stupid)

Khao San Road, I saw McD. They serve PORK burger. Sedap ~

Busy Street...alot of Foods, stuff and ppl

DayLife of KhaoSan road, not much ppl..but still got shoplets

Evening, ppl start to come out especially hawker.

You may see alot of Chinese words in this pic, ya...this is China Town, Bangkok. Which is one of the famous place of Bangkok but.....around after 12am, the street will be....lesser people and not busy anymore. Compare to KhaoSan road, ChinaTown will be much more Darker. But from Morning til night, we can get alot of nice foods at this street as well. Got PORK LEG rice ( damn fucking soft and nice, serve with HOT rice), seafoods stall on the street ( much more cheaper than BALI), and my favourite KingKong Nuts ( ginkgo nuts actually), very FRESH, Crunchy and alot...very very very cheap. ( ah ~ very hungry already, sial)

Of course, we not only go for Makan Makan Minum Minum only. We sure will go those famous and MUST go places like floating market, Safari world, Rose Garden ( cultural dance), Crocodile and elephant show, boxing show, LadyBoy Show and.......this,TIGER SHOW !!!!! Woohoohoo...

NOT this la...Bodoh Zach want to see this la....So naive!!!


Bra is HARD now. wahahahhahahah

* Really cannot wait to go ..... I want to sumbat tips into their panties, wahaha*