Doesn't matter, for your travel plan, BUSINESS plan, proposal for your employer, to propose.....


Because we are just an ordinary people, and we can't predict what will happen on next second, to PLAY safe, we MUST always have a "back up" ( have a back up boyfriend also not bad ya?)

So, for my business...I always got more than ONE back up plan, some plans are totally not related to my current business field, haha...The reason is to fulfill different market needs and wants. I know it sound like not FOCUS and like play-play but......


I am serious one and everytime I have a brief plan for it but end up...I COOL already. Because once i got a new idea, I must take action asap, or else I will slowly forget about the plan and might come out another NEW plan. ( I know this is my huge problem, that's why I always say.....the most tough management is SELF-MANAGEMENT) Agree?

People will lazy very easily, will give up very fast once they found a small problem, will step backward when they saw a block...Because human being scared failure, they scared fall down because it's very hard to "stand up".

" Do not be scared to get involved because of past mistakes. Instead, correct the mistakes, confront them again."

My latest plans are ....
1. Implement a stock system to my shop.
2. Will get out from shop, focus more on marketing because got my own production.
3.1 Become a part time Tour Guide, focus on Melaka
3.2 In order to enrich my blog, will travel to few places to take pictures
4. Create a website/blog by myself for SHOP and Tour guide business
5. Expand my shop in 2010 because not enough space
6. Will go to Sabah/Sarawak survey the "place", will set up assembly production there

Hahaha...alot le my plans? So what? Make sure you got the PASSION !!!!!

Idea remaina an Idea until you take ACTION !!!! I totally agree so I will go to KL jalan-jalan on 28,29,30 Nov ( maybe longer). Actually I am going for a TRAINING at Hotel Sri Petaling to improve myself so just SunBian jalan jalan and take pictures for my tour guide plan lo = )

Ok, will update soon once I got an NEW idea or I had take action for any one of my PLAN !!!!

Tips from me to you :
Those ppl who working for employer now, if your boss ask you come out a plan. Eg: A marketing plan for year 2010 how to promote the brand. Listen, I suggest you come out 2 at least. If your boss dont accept the 1st one, then straight away present 2nd one, although he dont accept the 2nd one but at least he knows you are a worker who well prepared !!!!!!

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