Baby Spy always in YOUR heart

My favourite game when I was a Kid ^^
( Genting)

We doing nothing at Genting xoxo

Liew trying to act as a Hamster but....
Failed !!!!

Monkey Berry ?

Yun's BF got this pose also. hahaha

Liew wants to imitate Yun's BF but...
Failed again!!!!

So he trying to be himself but....
Failed also!!!!!

So, he is suffered till shit can;t out

Mee Machine, COOL....

Yea, Only Me ** in ur heart ^^

My stupid hp = LG chocolate.
Going to change soon, very soon !!

Bluek =_=

I am elephant..huhuhuhhu~

Say : Hello to everybody **

Bye Bye ~

Liew was happy bcos can sleep with her dream girl....
Baby spy mok

But, baby SPy rejected him and he was thinking...
which hp should sell in order to call a....

P.s : Sorry la liew, joking only. If u don;t like u may tell me then i will delete everythg for you after everyone view. bad la you....strawberry. ^^
I wish liew will not merajuk 2 me..hehe

Mmmmmm....He is Batman + Superman . Wow... I want to be his girlfriend la...
So cool man. hahahhaa

Always Sleep ZZZzzzzzzzzz

Online and surfing and chatting

Go for class =_+

Try to Imitate her ( Josephine)

My Life is sooooo Bored !!!!!!

I am back from home town and saw guy's toilet is sooooo clean !!!!!! Wow ~ I feel like we fight was worth it because this proove that Guys memang Guys are not exist. Agree? hahahahahaha

Anyway, I hope they ( guys) will take turn and wash the toilet all the time. ^^

Spy sweep and mop the house immediately when we reach apartment. Yea, I cannot deny that she is a very good and responsible housewife hahahahaha. After that I did some sembayang stuff in order to chase " something" out from the apartment.

I can understand if YOU think this is ridiculuos but I hope you can respect me and my religion. I wouldn;t mind if YOU want to do something according to your religion.

Thanks !!!!!!!

We solve our problem finally and so far so good because...After the meeting I straight away go back to Malacca. Our conclusion word : Misunderstanding.

Zach and Suharto doesn't like the Fxxk word and they think if the F word is to scold the enemy then should not use to scold the friends because friends and enemy is totally different! I am sorry about the F word BUT... sorry to say that, this is my way and I need to use some word to express my bad feeling. I hope they can understand and for me the word....not so rude la. hahahahahaha.

* when I am get angry with the one, the one will become my enemy till I forgive the one*

Maybe I am not a very soft person and obviously, from my outlook you can see how kasar I am. I will be soft when I need to be but... when something happen that make me extremely unhappy, I WILL...I WILL...use the F word again.

Have a nice day ^^

Today is my good and happy day even though I didn't talk to my male housemates. Don;t feel like talking to them and feel like they don't know what to talk to me also.

We went back to hostel during lunch break and...they saw us coming but close the elavator. Maybe we think too much but this is the fact. But nevermind la..Maybe I am the trouble maker and make our friendship become so weird ** They hate me also nevermind one.

I start to thinking, is it my problem? Is it I am too fussy? Is it I am purposely cari pasal? Whatever la...But I just be straight forward and don't keep the thing in my heart. I believe if one day meletup, it will be very serious.

One of my philosophy is: It's easier to change myself rather than susah payah change others!!!!!!
During the break time just now, I chat with Hamza awhile and he said he wants to stay at Millennium condo but cannot find. In my mind is like...what a coincidence?? hahaha.... So, start from next week, I will try 2 find a room at somewhere and will move out ASAP.

I am sorry to my friends if I bring trouble to them BUT I am so sorry to say that, I dont want to talk about the same matter anymore and I know you guys don;t like me and my fucking attitude. So it is no point stay 2gether right?


ps: I saw Suharto's blog and he post something that I cannot understand in Bahasa Indo watever la. I dont want to perasan that he is talking about me but I got the feeling he is shooting me. Talked about what sampah memang busuk, then what bodoh bodoh and kesian ppl's parents educate well their children blablablabla. Then Zach wrote comment in their own bahasa also and I also cannot understand. But I can understand the last sentence that he ask Suharto sabar lah...

What YOU want to shoot just shoot in front of me, or just write something that I can read and understand la. As a guy must be sporting and straight forward!!!! Huh..really cannot understand man!!!!!!!

Maybe this post will contain some bad words and you may think I am such a rude fella and damn kasar and sucksssssssss, but I just want to express out my feeling and tell everyone how fucked up I feel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, make it clear before I start to express. There are ANTs all over the house that 8 of us rent together. Honestly, the ants did not make me mad and SPY cleaned it just now. Then I invited Chan, Zach and Suharto in my chat room to discuss about the matter.

My first question was >>> Why the house got so many ants??
Okay, Zach was the 1st one to answer me and he said the ants came from outside because someone did not seal something that are sweet. Thats why ants came. Then suddenly Chan said...YamCha. How about our BIG hero Suharto? He said, dont make small thing become bigger, then he left the chat room. ( fucking rude)

I am so sorry because I thought the ants came because of the Sambal Pork. The reason I invited the guys in my chat room NOT for scolding them. According to my habit, I will just go out and scold them face-to-face. I am damn angry because of their attitude especially Suharto.He think thing is small so no need make it so big and disuss or whatsoever. What I want to say here is........ For me is not a small matter and I am really fed up of this kind of irresponsible thinking? feeling?

The toilet guys can ignore and answered me, guys memang guys what. Thats why the world needs girls. WTF man... Can I say because of this world got man so females need not to work and just stay at home and go shopping all the time??? Hygiene is important to everyone in the world, no matter you are male or female ; girls or boys ; father or mother; lesbian or gay ...

I am not making thing small become bigger. I just want YOU to know, if you don;t go and settle the SMALL thing, one day...will beome bigger ok? For example the toilet, if it didnt become sooooooooo dirty and YOU wont take action. I dont care too much about the toilet because I am not the user BUT the house, I cant wait till the house full of ants only take action. Sorry, I cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad habit must be remove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on diet recently, it's time to slim down because I am too fat already. I have my own special diet plan which is 333 PLAN =

1. One week must exercise 3 times.
2. Every time must be at least 30 minutes.
3. Everyday must take 3 meals.

Ok, I know somebody is laughing there already. So what? My wish lah...Non of your business huh. I know YOU must be think that I will not continue more than 1 week, and YOU will ejek me and say...this is NOT the 1st time you say want to diet/slim down etc.

I admit what!!! Because human being will give up easily, especially when they found it difficult to continue. This is extremely common in our life least we TRY right? Never TRY never Know. So, I am willing to try and I am doing right now.

Besides that, I also re-adjust my dairly menu already. NO MORE fried stuff in my life, NO MORE junk food in my life, NO MORE fast food in my life, NO MORE ice-cream in m life, NO MORE sweet drinks in my life....NO MORE NO MORE!!! ( but sometimes can have a break lah, lol)

I know, I know..Last night I'm just hantam a pack of Cheezer, but...past is past lah...hehehehehe. I am swear!!!! No more no more in future ok?? huh ~

* stop laughing *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what you guys thinking now. Whatever lah..This is my blog, I can write whatever that I want to write what?????

Look down on me???

I will show u the result as soon as possible!!!!!!

Give me 3 months....I will show you.
( someone told me 3 months ago, but he is fatter now so I will learn from him, look at him I will feel more energy to do exercise. hahaha sorry lah suharto, I just....want to motivate you.)

Cheers ~

Do NOT disturb when I am sleeping !!!


Today, 4 of us went to Sushi King after class even though Spy and I did not attend for Dr Chan's lesson. The reason is we DIDNOT sleep last nite and early morning 7am went for swimming somemore.... CEH ~ but this is fact!!!!

Why we don;t want to sleep? NO NO NO...we want, but we cant!!! Recently happened a lot of things, especially in Bernie's room....But I cannot tell too much at here because we decided do not let Yayun knows. If she knows, she sure will come and tumpang sleep in my room one. wahaha.

Because we are TOO scared till cannot sleep. Very EARLY morning we went 2 mcD section 14 for our wonderful breakfirst. ( consider yamcha la, haha)

But we are sooooooo GOOD, because we still able to attend Ms Josaphine's class at 9:30am after swimming, BUT....She dismissed us earlier and we have 2 hours break, so we went back to hostel and take a nap....Haizzz, unfortunately....Cannot wake up. Toooo tired already.

However, we DID NOT miss Sushi king;s promotion even though we are soooo tired and sleepy. Because this RM2.00/plate promotion is only being held TWICE A YEAR. ^^

Here are some photos we took during MAKAN = TELAN?? watever la...hahahahaha

This plate of wasabi belongs to LU YA YUN,she is a KUAT wasabi supporter man !!!
You can see the wasabi is pretty alot than the KICAP..
The ratio can be = 4 : 1
1 is kicap. wahahahaha

This perasan staff thought I took his picture....
@#@##!@# Horse face man. I just want to take SUSHIsssss la.
NOT him, but he is quite good looking. hehe

Bernie ( Bina) and Yayun ( Tuna) had FUN because I was there.
They LOVE me toooooo much already.
Without me cannot survive.
( according to them, wahaha)

This picture suppose to have Tuna;s face BUT...
I purposely IGNORE her. wahahahaha
Because Sister chan asked me take more
Bina;s solo picture.

This Soya Green tea also buy 1 FREE 1....wahahaha
We will never miss out this kind of offer one.
soooooo cheap. wahaha
and sooooooo nice ^^

These all are Bernie and yun ate one. Spy and I only drink...
never eat also.. so kesian. haiizzzzz

When the staff want to count the plates and she arranged the plates.
A lot of people keep looking at us and the platessss..
so paiseh man.
Bernie and yayun la...
eat sooo much for what????

I love Japanese products and their designs and packaging ^^
Japanese Bravo....

Too full but we cannot waste the food, especially the rice. If they found will penalty us.
So we start to be Mr bean and try to HIDE the rice.
But we only hide one and this is the only one.
I used Tisu to balut it. wahahahaha
Suppose bring home and belanja Suharto...
and he sure will ask :
Apa ni? Apa ni? Boleh makan eh?
haha then the food will in his stomach within one second.

Open and ...this is the rice ^^

This is the reason I asked YUn and Bernie go IMMEDIATELY after class,
Because I want to avoid the traffic jam and also the...
Sushi king's jam.
Life is not easy man !!!!!

The 50% face is belongs to who??
haha...I have to ask spy pura-pura take photo...
If not i scared the LINE of ppl will perasan like the staff lo??
Think like I want to take their photo...

They did not publish in newspaper and TV but...
still got a lot of people know they are doing promotion.
Those people are sooooooo brilliant, smart, amazing etc.
* because I am one of them *

Guessing time again baby.
How much do you think we paid ???
RM90 ++ only. hahahahahahahahah
. pengsan already.



















過敏性體質(蕁麻疹,濕疹,哮喘,過敏性鼻炎):海產,芋頭,芒果, 冰,桂圓, 荔枝