I am on diet recently, it's time to slim down because I am too fat already. I have my own special diet plan which is 333 PLAN =

1. One week must exercise 3 times.
2. Every time must be at least 30 minutes.
3. Everyday must take 3 meals.

Ok, I know somebody is laughing there already. So what? My wish lah...Non of your business huh. I know YOU must be think that I will not continue more than 1 week, and YOU will ejek me and say...this is NOT the 1st time you say want to diet/slim down etc.

I admit what!!! Because human being will give up easily, especially when they found it difficult to continue. This is extremely common in our life but...at least we TRY right? Never TRY never Know. So, I am willing to try and I am doing right now.

Besides that, I also re-adjust my dairly menu already. NO MORE fried stuff in my life, NO MORE junk food in my life, NO MORE fast food in my life, NO MORE ice-cream in m life, NO MORE sweet drinks in my life....NO MORE NO MORE!!! ( but sometimes can have a break lah, lol)

I know, I know..Last night I'm just hantam a pack of Cheezer, but...past is past lah...hehehehehe. I am swear!!!! No more no more in future ok?? huh ~

* stop laughing *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know what you guys thinking now. Whatever lah..This is my blog, I can write whatever that I want to write huh...so what?????

Look down on me???

I will show u the result as soon as possible!!!!!!

Give me 3 months....I will show you.
( someone told me 3 months ago, but he is fatter now so I will learn from him, look at him I will feel more energy to do exercise. hahaha sorry lah suharto, I just....want to motivate you.)

Cheers ~

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thks for ur suporting...Brother Chan. hahaha