We solve our problem finally and so far so good because...After the meeting I straight away go back to Malacca. Our conclusion is....one word : Misunderstanding.

Zach and Suharto doesn't like the Fxxk word and they think if the F word is to scold the enemy then should not use to scold the friends because friends and enemy is totally different! I am sorry about the F word BUT... sorry to say that, this is my way and I need to use some word to express my bad feeling. I hope they can understand and for me the word....not so rude la. hahahahahaha.

* when I am get angry with the one, the one will become my enemy till I forgive the one*

Maybe I am not a very soft person and obviously, from my outlook you can see how kasar I am. I will be soft when I need to be but... when something happen that make me extremely unhappy, I WILL...I WILL...use the F word again.

Have a nice day ^^