Today is my exam last paper. I am super duper Happy and feel very relax now. Even there are no more class or exam to go BUT our apartment is FULL of dust!!!!! I sweep and mop after the S4 = Slim 4 go home. Because I don;t like people around when I am doing my housework because they will step here and there. This is very irritating !!!!!!

Other than that, I found that the kitchen is damn dirty and oily. Somebody cook maggi mee but did not wash the pot. Maybe forgot already but nevermine la... I will do it baby. Then I try to ask handsome Liew help me wipe ceiling fan But he refused to help. He said why girls cannot wipe? I am not very angry with him because it is biasa la ~ He said the fan still can move and windy but seriously the fans are full of dust already. Haizzz.. I cannot imagine how his future wife can survive with him.

I found a dead insect at the shoes rack and it is round, hard and black color. Under the sofa I also found a dead brown color butterfly. Don't know what else I will find in future. haha.. A dead rat? or dead frog? Yuck !!!!! Scary man.....

Bye bye

Recently I've been damn busy, a lot of things in my mind. Assignments, proposal and now my new house. So tiring because have to shift my stuffs to the new house and also have to help my parents abit la. Wash, sweep, mop etc. Even the final exam is coming soon, but I still have to go back and help. And now abit better because everything is almost done just left abit here and there la. Below are some pictures ^^

My papa's wonderland

My Niece - Mei Mei staying beside me.
Habis...always come and kacau me ^^

Another monster xuen xuen - my nephew.
His power is unlimited !!!!!!!!
Veryyyyyy naughty.

He is my neighbour now. T-T

Mei Mei siao ord...refused to wear clothes.
Free show hahahaha.
Suharto and liew want to see?

Spy baby

She again, trying to hide in my room.
But her head.....haizz...too.....big. ^^

My living room.

The beautiful owner. waahahahaha

My father;s second wonderland.
Smoking Area ~

Hungry? Here got FREE milk.

Spy also hungry? hahahaha

Now u don;t see.

Now u see. hahahaha

My Art from Ikea.
I love this picture so much so put on my wall.
Two elephnats ^^

My mother;s wonderland pulak.
Women love their kitchen ^^
But havent complete la. hehe

I bought one, nice?
A gift I contribute to my new house.
Rm150 neh....huh

My 2nd living hall = dining hall

Tea pot = fat and short ~ ~

My idea to decorate my living hall.

My father;s NEW Boo Boo. XOXOX
So Sexy !!!!!!

A place to put my Tv, but my Tv not yet come.
Giak Giak Giak.

My door

A place for my Guan Yin Buddha.
But havent arrive yet.
On the way from China.

My portrait corner !!!!

I love to hang around with my funny + stupid gang.

I love my parents.

I love myself.

I love my Life because it is full of STRESS + Challenges.

I love to go Travel.

I love to Makan Makan and Makan

I love my new house

I love my student life at here

I love to sleep and sleep for whole day

I love Black color

I love Rainbow and Snow

I love to be silly

I love to be Naive

I love to dream

I love play maple story

I love to gossip and chit-chatting

I love to be a leader and also follower

I love to spend money

I love to cook

I love .....

I love......

I love.....

I love.....

NON OF YOUR BUSINESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!