Few days ago ~
A stupid FAT cicak Busuk attacked me..why??
I Dont know,but..It is HORRIBLE for me.
Bcos I HATE Cicak Busuk huh ~
ONE cicak is enough 2 KILL me..
The stupid Cicak was relaxing on the wall..
But when it saw me,it oso shocked !!!
Then it fell down on the ground...
OMG ~ the stupid sound PIAAKKK ..(shivering)
It is enough to KILL me again...
After that..i SAW it went into my ROOM ~
what is this man?? my ROOM le..
I termenung for awhile..@-@
In the end, i decided FIGHT with IT...but,
Unfortunately, I CANT find the Si FATTY...
I start 2 Thk ~ izit in my cotton shoe?
Or..on my ceiling was READY 2 ATTACK me again??
STOP !!!!! stop thking..Thats enough !!!
so..the ending of this CENTURY WAR .......
The Si fatty busuk cicak..GIVE UP!!!
hahahahahahaha... I am the WINNER ~
--------------THE END--------------------

*He is my fren,his nick name is CICAK COBING.
I am very Geli to find a CICAK pic frm net..
so......Sorry ya ZAC. hehe ^^

Today ...I decided create a BLOG in blogger.com because I found that Friendster Blog not secure enough.
So start from 2day,blogger is my Daily blog and friendster blog will bcum my monthly blog...hahahaha

The reason is I got too much thing need 2 write,bcos my LIFE IS WONDERFUL >>>>>>>>>>(horse face)

Honestly, Life is definitely NOT EASY ...

::U do not know when ur BEST fren will harm + cheat you...

::Although u ord TRY ur BEST in ur exam,
but in the end u still failed....

::Even u treat him/her damn good, spent all the $$ to satisfy him/her..
but in the end ,he/she wont appreciate u....

::YOU tahan the stupid Hungriness, but after 1 month u Timbang..
ur weight still maintain....

::YOU dun wan 2 sleep, keep doing the ASSignment...
but still kenot finish......

::YOU drive very slow + very carefully ....
In the end, others ppl BANG you pulak....

The conclusion is >>> We got NO CHOICE and these are not under our CONTROL also ~
We only can control our MOOD... neither we smile 2 face it NOR cry 2 accept it........( T-T or ^o^ )

My father always tell me...." Dun always ask WHY u dont have ; MUST say what I am HAVING now "
hahaha.. it is abit Weird cos i translate 2 English...^^