Mmmm, recently i am pretty busy because alot of activities, gatherings, birthday parties, etc. I enjoy this kind of lifestyle although have to spend alot, but as long as I happy loh.

Recently I always hang out with zach, bernie, chan and spy cos in melaka only left few of them, and i realise i miss my bra ALOT!!!

i am always thinking wat he is doing now, and why he doesnt want to chat with me in msn, and how's his working life, etc. haih, since he doesn't want to keep in touch with me, no choice lah.

Anyway, i am quite excited and gan chiong i am goin to bali soon. I keep thinking what to bring to Bali. I came out with my shopping list like sun block, disposal panties or real panties, candies, em, should i bring pad? see la how, if i need, i can pinjam from zach and chan...hahaha.

I realize although Orange and I are so far away from each other, but when we meet each other, the feeling is warm like family. I feel like she is part of my family ord. and her boyfriend is like my boyfriend. hahahaha. nola. although i don't know her bf well, but i feel CLOSE to him.

My sister is getting married soon and I am going to slim down to wear nice gowns. WAHAHA. and my another sister from singapore will buy herbalife for me so that i can slim down. but i have a business deal with her; if i cannot slim down, then i have to pay the herbalife money back to her. i think got related to money, i will work HARD! haha

I am quite confuse lately also, because i cannot decide whether want to choose my own business or my current job. I always think i contribute so much time and ideas for my current employer, but i feel like why not i just concentrate on my shop so that it can become systematic and better and can make more money?

Yala, no doubt, there is no freedom to work for people. and we don't become rich when we work for people, unless u are kedekut like ah chan, stay in the room, but i still cannot afford BMW. of course i know, do business, doesnt mean can become rich aso, but at least 50-50 la. but if work for people, i think 80-20 only. I realize i cant quit my job yet, cos i need to collect my experience....Haih. i don't knowla. confused.

Actually, there is a prince from charming (he's nt my prince charming, altho he is from charming @#$%) wants to couple with me, but... i don't know what should i do. honestly, i dun have any feelings towards him. cannot deny that he is a honest, kind, good, disciplined guy. he's 26 years old but his thinking like...not equal to his age. he's not matured enough and don't have the "smart" quality that i want from a man. i want someone who can share his knowledge with me...but one thing that makes me want to consider him is he doesnt smoke. no clubbing, no cheating, always punctual, something like that lah.

Okay, my conclusion is, i am not going to accept him because i dont want to waste his time and give him A BIG HOPE. Plus...he's not young anymore lah. so better don't waste his time. I think i will recommend byby to him. don't know zachary allow or not ( i will ask him asap). *it's good to share....

Okla, time to sleep. goodnight everyone. byebye.

*stupid busuk bra koyak, cepat contact aku. kalau tidak, aku recommend saturday kasi u punya adik.

*zachary i know u are happy for me, although deep inside u are jealous but pls dun mention abt ah gan anymore or else u will hancur koyak! HUH

*more pictures coming up

My sister bought the Special mooncake from Mid Valley, not cheap and Not nice. hahaha
But nvm long as her children happy. What a good mummy ~

This is the Apple mooncake, taste like Green Apple.. %$#%$^%$

In the box got Apple, Mango, cranberry and greenTea
My sister said got strawberry, watermelon one but..she choose this.

Inside of the mooncake, nothing special la...jeng jeng jeng

Outlook memang attractive la..Magic of marketing ~

Jangan tengok lagi la...MAKAN !!!!!!

在順境中感恩、在逆境中依舊心存喜樂 ……



「 Hold it up, and keep talking to me. 」


才聽見師父跟我說:「Now you can put it down.」。


為何你卻喜歡帶著煩惱,過著你的生活呢? 手酸了,放下就好,對待煩惱,不也是這樣? 或是這些煩惱,就像是那些番茄汁一樣, 是你自己用手把它們給舉起來的呢?」




Relaxing ~

Can visit Zach, Chan and Bra's Friend

Extremely CLEAR !!!!


Haha...Bra's friend

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