Actually I came back from Shanghai for quite a long time. The reason I didnt post about that is because I got NO picture to upload at all and nothing special for me to talk about the trip also. Because I am not go for fun, I went with my father because he need to do business so I just follow him and take care of him la. hahaha....actually is him take care of me, but same la. ^^

I spent 10 days in China, besides went to Shanghai I also went to alot of places such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chaozhou, Hangzhou, Xiamen etc. Thats why I am so rush and can;t go shopping also. I am so SORRY to all my frens bcos didnt buy anythg for them T-T

My next semester will start very soon - 8 Sept 2008. This is my final semester also. So I want to study very hard and very smart also. haha. Really hope can graduate with my frens in the same time,I dont want to failed again T-T

I FAILED MY FINANCE paper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have to resit the paper on 25th August 2008 which means this coming Monday I have to go to college. I don't like the feeling at all. This is the FIRST time I failed my paper, when I know it I can;t accept at all. Don't know how to explain my feeling, like ........just blank !!!!!

Anyway, after blank I still have to accept the truth. Failed means Failed !!! I only can blame myself put limited effort and that's why I FAILED. These few days I am doing notes and study and study, hafal and hafal....But I feel very unsecure and uncomfortable, I never got this kind of WEIRD feeling before. I am worry will fail again, I am keep thinking if I fail again HOW?????

But now, I know.....I should take action and cant always sitting here and think and think. No point also... I know I can, so I will try my best and hopefully I can past this time. I will learn from mistake and I will ensure will NOT fail again for the coming paper. I left one more semester only, I MUST put alot alot alot of effort and get better result.

Frens, no need worry abt me. I am alright !!!!!!!