Just a 5 second clip BUT....I am sure u will laugh for 5 hours.
Hahahahahaha ^^

Yes, I am here again just for update my BLOG ~ I feel very bored recenty because I got NOTHING to do except Eat, Sleep, Online, Eat again, and sleep summore and online surfing. Haizzzz ~ am I wasting my time? am I being an idiot? am I becoming a PIG soon? haha...I don't know but I have plenty of REASONS to support what I am doing right now. Wana know? Okay, thanks for giving me a chance and listen to me ^^ ( am I kuku? ask and answer myself ? haha...nvm, alot of famous bloggers also like this) Alright, my reason is....... because I am graduating soon ( less than 6 months), then obviously after that I have to start to looking for a BETTER job, if my luck is good got people willing to hire me, very soon....I need work everyday everyday everyday and everyday. Try to imagine, if I decided to work at KL, I have to get up very early in the morning in order to avoid the stupif traffic jam........If want to take leave for holiday also not easy because we are competing to others people, so better dont simply take leave unless we are work for family. OMG ~ so I think I better ENJOY as much as I can first !!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I am addicted to a Singing competition from Taiwan = Million Star. This is the 3rd season already, which means I already suporrt this show for 3 years. But cannot deny, it is damn nice and very exciting. It is similiar with the American idol but this is chinese version one la......For 1st season, I love Yoga ( Lin You Jia) the most, 2nd season I am crazy like Annie ( Li Yi Rong) and Petz ( Zheng Pei Ci) and for NOW.....I am in love in LaLa ( 徐佳瑩) even though she is NOT hot, sexy, pretty etc BUT........she is talented man!!! She created alot of nice song, and every song can TOUCH my heart thats y I love her so much ^^

Suddenly got NO mood to continue, ok la.....

to be continue ~

Alright, today is today. Today i woke up at 8 something because of some phone calls. After that I try to go back to my dream but I can't. So I took my break1st which is 1 slice of wheat bread and 1 cup of LOW fat milk. Nothing special for today but I cooked for our ( Spy and I) dinner.

Sweet corn soup that 100% original with NO seasoning.

Special order from SPY >> cilipadi Ho Fan.

It's damn spicy but she likes.

For me, I just want to eat light food so I cooked plain porridge for myself.

And the pickled vege. Yummy ~

My special recipe of french beans with black fungus.

After our dinner is about 9pm, we plan to have some desserts after that so decided go to the 100 yen shop to have special ice kacang from Japan BUT.....half way we changed our mind and went to the cinema instead. Because both of us want to watch the Bat Man but...too bad, the ticket are sold out. Even the midnight show also sold out, then we decided to watch the Tony Leung one >> Red Cliff but also SOLD out. Wtf man, and at last we choose to watch HELLBOY. Overall I give 7 out of 10 for the HELLBOY because not bad la actually. But cannot deny he is ugly. hahaha...BUT he is a man, a good man.

Finally Spy and I went to the Red Box dinner buffet. This is one of our plans actually because when we saw the foods last time we were attracted by it. I am sorry to Yayun and Bernie because before that we plan 2 go together but.....I can't wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

They serve SUSHI, SPAGHETTI, FRESH OYSTER, ALOT OF CAKES, UNLIMITED ICE-CREAM, DIM SUM, DIY SALAD, FRIED STUFF etc. But we can only get TWO free drinks because this is the buffet package. When we reach there is about 6 sumthg and the receptionist said we can enjoy until 9pm but guess what......we sang and makan and sang again and makan again until 11pm. Why? hahaha...because they didnt ask us to leave and why we left at 11pm? Because the remote control hang suddenly and we were exhausted.

Overall, the foods are not bad and the price also reasonable. Spy and I sepnt RM 101 and we think it is worth. But I found out I am overspent recently, so I have to control myself now until next month. hahahaha...Not only the financial problem la, I think it's time for me to diet!!!!! Just give me THREE months, I will show you guys the result. hahaha...( someone told me before but he is damn FAT now) God bless him ^^

Anyway, I am quite enjoy my life now because I have NO stress at all. Maybe I already 4got about my thesis but......work hard, play harder. hahahahaha

Below are the pictures of the KTV buffet ^^

spy and i went to GSC to watch the latest movie Journey To The Center Of The Earth. we were provided with special 3D glasses to watch the movie. abit jakun cos so long never watch movie with 3D glasses.

of course the 3D goggles is not like the above. the latest ones are more high tech la. and looks more nicer than the previous ones. hehe.

okay. em, i feel that the movie is worthy lo although i have to spend about RM17 for this. and the actor, Brendan Fraser is very charming ler. i like him.

overall, not bad and i recommend you all to go experience the 3D effects. :)

i went to chili's with spy 2 days ago. luckily we went there early because the queue was damn long. fortunately, it didn't took long before it was our turn to be seated.

the place where you can find crowded people

my juicy lamb shoulder

and spy's grilled chicken with bacon

overall, the food is enjoyable. very nice ambience and their service is quite good. will definitely go there again for more!!! hehe. :P

total cost?

RM 86. but i tell you, it's worth every cent.

reminder: do not order side order if you are not a 'heavy eater'. i tell you, after the main course, you will be super duper full.