Finally Spy and I went to the Red Box dinner buffet. This is one of our plans actually because when we saw the foods last time we were attracted by it. I am sorry to Yayun and Bernie because before that we plan 2 go together but.....I can't wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

They serve SUSHI, SPAGHETTI, FRESH OYSTER, ALOT OF CAKES, UNLIMITED ICE-CREAM, DIM SUM, DIY SALAD, FRIED STUFF etc. But we can only get TWO free drinks because this is the buffet package. When we reach there is about 6 sumthg and the receptionist said we can enjoy until 9pm but guess what......we sang and makan and sang again and makan again until 11pm. Why? hahaha...because they didnt ask us to leave and why we left at 11pm? Because the remote control hang suddenly and we were exhausted.

Overall, the foods are not bad and the price also reasonable. Spy and I sepnt RM 101 and we think it is worth. But I found out I am overspent recently, so I have to control myself now until next month. hahahaha...Not only the financial problem la, I think it's time for me to diet!!!!! Just give me THREE months, I will show you guys the result. hahaha...( someone told me before but he is damn FAT now) God bless him ^^

Anyway, I am quite enjoy my life now because I have NO stress at all. Maybe I already 4got about my thesis hard, play harder. hahahahaha

Below are the pictures of the KTV buffet ^^

1 fed her strawberries:


i enjoy the ktv moment.

and i think i ate too much..



want go again?