she is so funny and cute...

Hello everyone....
Just want to inform u guys...
no need to view my blog recently..
I will update it after my Final exam..
hehe..I am pretty busy here for preparation.
so.. see ya ^^

Fu Yoh ~ 2day we went to watch Spider man 3 at GSC mp.Umm.. this is the 1st time i watch spiderman...hehe, actually i never watch b4 any MAN...Oops, not that normal man la..( normal man i always see)I means spiderman + batman and superman ~It was super nice for me n i like it so much..Anyway, here are some comparisons that i would like to share with you guys...

Comparison (1) :
Between spiderman n superman,I more prefer Spiderman, because..the superman is too STRONG (body).His V-shape is way too GELI for me...But spiderman is just nice for me....and he is CUTE too ^^ Btw, i also wonder why superman's underwear has to be red in colour but not green or black or even purple? (my favorite colour) and why he has to wear his underwear outside? Very obscene ler...some people might imagine...XXX

Comparison (2) :
Americans LOVE their country so with Malaysian....why?When the spiderman appeared out of nowhere (watch the movie to get a better picture) and there is a U.S flat behind him but compare with the Cicak-man, why they dun wan put our Malaysian's Flag as the background??? Kan Malaysian always say MALAYSIA BOLEH??
ummm... why ahh???

I learned something from this movie..

(1) when we can put our partner as our priority, only consider we are ready for marriage and b4 a guy propose 2 a girl, he should make it very SPECIAL 2 give the girl SURPRISE n this will bring an unforgettable memory for the girl. So guys, if u dun wan ur wife to 4get abt u after u DIE, pls do sumthg for her ok? lol

(2) There are no such thing as forever friends or forever enemies
and when we need 2 solve some misunderstandings...
It will need some sacrifice.

(3) Dun bcos of sumthg then over exited and..
when dating with ur partner only talk abt..
how smart u are ; how fantastic u are..
Girls no need a Hero be our Boyfren..
we jus need sumone CARE abt us and willing
to listen to our problems n feeling also.

(4) Never KISS anyone else in front of your partner as this will cause HUGE conflict, misunderstandings, fights, etc... U dun wanna destroy your relationship do ya?

Quote for 2day...
Be a Hero better than be a DEVIL ^^

After the war between me n si cicak busuk...
Now.. the stupid anak liew come n attacked me pulak..
Why? why my predestination so BAd ??
Anak Liew = cockroach in his car ~~
ok..mayb sometimes our car also got 1 ekor..
(but my car dont have) the problem is.........
Fu-Yohhh ~ Ah Liew kuat give birth man.
Jus now we ( bra,spy,me n bapa cockroach)
went for yam cha at old town >>>>>>>>>
OMG ~ we found 4 babi liew in his car.. baby not babi hahaha...
I realised his car ord more than 1 year didnt wash,
i dun noe wat is his reason but... he reali got problem.
Haizz.. hope he can wash his car asap bcos..dun noe later
will cum out a katak/cat/rat/ etc onot???
haha.........may GOD bless him ^^

There is NO any definition for LIFE...
Umm..mayb have, but it;s depends on who u are
Life can be colorful,bored,exciting,interesting...
No matter how our life is...
WE must appreciate it as much as we can..

Today,I found that LIFE can b super interesting.
ok,according to the NEWS frm Guang Ming.......
There are some NEWS I wan2 share with u guys.

NEws (1) :
A old man who 97 years old ,
He wants to marry a 38 years old women,
bcos he felt sympathetic 2wards the women.
why? Her husband jus passed away recently and...
Her mother-in-law snatched all the $$ and assets..
so, now the women got nothing frm his husband la ~
And..she needs 2 carry on her life with her children..
The old man wrote a LOVE letter n bought 2 rings.....
He wants to impress her !!!!!
and he said he still STRONG enough....haha
so far he got 11 children n more than 100 cucu..
Old man said he is LONELY now, so need sumone..
OMG ~ what is this man?????

NEws (2) :
This news is talk about a Mak Cik who Got 120 kg...
Spent 3 hours climbing up to her house,
which is in the eleventh floor...
and she needs 1.5 hours to climb down frm 11th floor.
After that, she needs 3 hours to REST + charge battery.
This is bcos the LIFT always Rosak..
one month at least rosak for 20 days...
Hopefully Mak Cik can take this opportunities to DIET ^^

NEws (3) :
This is happened in Singapore>>>
An auntie spent $450 for 7 Durians...
which means each durian cost $ 64.30....
Convert 2 Ringgit = RM147.89 for ONE durian...
WOW ~ izit got GOLD in the durian?????
haha..who said Customers are always RIGHT???
Pls be a SMART customer ok??

NEws (4) :
This is happened in China >>>
A hp thief steal hp by driving car for 10 hours/day.
Do u knoe wat car he is driving????
It is a expensive Sport CaR ( Audi) ~
OMG ~ who wana be an ethical person??

NEws (5) :
This is happened in Hong Kong >>>
A 14 year old boy met an accident with
a 7 year old boy while riding his bicycle....
of course, the small boy was sacrificed...T-T
It was a sad News 4 me...i dun understand..
How cum this STUPID thg can be happen??

In this world, there are many stupid ppl.....
are doing STUPID things anytime + anywhere ..
The only thing we can Do is...TO
make sure we are NOT the one !!!!!!


Just came back from outside...
I went to MP with S.P.Y....
Spent Rm67.89 for Sushi King..
Very fUll n satisfied, haha..
Then we go shopping and play games.
haha.. long time no play ord..
play until sweat man..
hahahahahahha...but hapi la^^

After that, when we wan2 go back..
OMG ~ traffic Jam man...
I thk we spent at least 30 minutes..
to survive frm the jam..
but still ok la bcos we are
not in a hurry...

Later we go PURE bar there..
not for clubbing la ~
we go n BUY BIRDs..yummy.
there got one uncle sell BIRD..
pls la. not HIS own Bird ok?
hahaha.. FRIED BIRDS..
ummm..... super nice >>

I wan2 EAT summore !!!!!

Fu yOh ~ I've finished ALL my ASSignments!!
I am extremely super hyper duper Happy NOW..
I feel Relaxed + FREE now...hahahaha
I wan2 EAT everythg 2 celebrate BUT..
I need 2 DIET...
Haiizzz... what to do for a FATTY T-T
BUT... I kenot too happy also bcos...
i have to prepare for my FINAL EXAM....

Today,Black Man shared a STORY with us..
It is about the MAT dun know what la..
bcos 2day in the class,
we all talk abt dream..
Dream the Impossible and
Believe the Unbelievable...
So he worried we all like the Si Mat,
This story is talk a man whose name is
Mat dun noe wat....
One day, he climbed up to a coconut TREE,
when he sit on the tree, he start to DREAM...
He dream when he get the coconut,
he can sell it.....
then use the $$ to buy chickens,
after that sell the eggs..
to buy few cows,
then sell the milk to buy a CAR...
After he get his CAR,
his wife was so excited that..
she wants to JOIN him in the CAR too...
Unfortunately, Si Mat dun allow n
KICK his wife OUT..
He keep Kicking n kicking.... BoMmmMMmmMMm ~
He fell down from the coconut TREE.

hahahahahaha..izit Funny??
What black Man is trying 2 say is...
In life, we can DREAM..but....
Dun DREAM too far n without take any action..
if not, u n me also will fell down like
si MAT.....waahahahahaha.