I found this man at Asia Jaya LRT station last week. No doubt, he is a Sissy. And he is the fattest Sissy I met in my life time. He looks like very man, but If you observe deeply, U can see his Sissy bau come out. And yea, he is carrying a polka dot hand bag that U can see in the pictures as below. Well, nowadays we having alot of stresses in our life, exams, assignments, projects, sales etc. Kesian him ~

Anyway, we should not look down on him. And to Madam Liew, if U see him at LRT station next time, please....please...please don;t look at him like look at a freak. Because people also have Papa mama right?

He is very friendly when I ask him to take picture ^^

Met him again at KLCC, we got fate man. haha

She said if got chance she wish she can wear like this girl.........

Wow...can him say wow?

He ( Whistle) ......ask, can I have ur number?

Hahaha....I say: Please la, respect la ~

Dont understand? I like lah......


20 Nov 2008 Spy and I went to Italiannies because they are having promotion ------ Bowls of pastas which is 4 types of Pastas at only RM29.90 ^^

Design of Italiannies @ One U

Jeng Jeng Jeng ~

Caesar Salad RM13.90

Classic Pizza RM 30.90

Bowls of Pasta = Carbonara, Shrimp Linguine, Chicken Lasagna, Fusilli Pesto.
RM 29.90

The famous Strawberry Cheese Cake RM 13.90

Spy Love the Fusilli Pesto so much but she is not satisfied with the Lasagna because she said NOT NICE. But for me the Carbonara...so damn yummy ~ And ya, don;t understand what so nice for the cheese cake. Some famous food blogger said it is so damn nice but.....I can only give 50% out of 100%. But is is quite big so can share by 2-3 person.

I am prefer the cakes from Delicious, particularly the Carrot Cake ~ Mamma Mia ^^

This is the LATEST pillow but too bad, in the world only Madam Liew ada....Wana try? Please call 017-3278113
(24 hours)












And AFTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Berry says: Seriously, this is not what I request.Yaya, cannot deny there is some SMALL changes on his bed but stilllllll.......

Starbucks Coffe ^^

ShangHai Noodles @ La Malina

Tomyam Mihun @ La Malina

Mushroom Soup but I use to call it NIPPLE soup ^^
haha...guess what? Bra ate the nipple T-T

A young lady was robbed and slashed on the face two days ago in Taman Desa.
She just got off from her car and was in front of her friend's house pressing door bell.. She saw a motorbike with two men coming toward her direction but she thought they were security guards. Then before she knew anything, one of the men has already slashed her face with a knife and grabbed her bag. She didn't know it was a cut until she touched her face and found out it was bleeding. She was screaming out of shock. One of the man came back (they were already on the motorbike and ready to leave) and tried to slash her again. Luckily she was able to hold on his hand to stop the attack. At that time, her friend came out to check what happen and the men quickly ran away.

The cut was 9 cm long and 1 cm deep. Now those robbers' tactic! is to hurt you first before they rob you so that you are handicapped and can't resist them. Even later there are someone to help, they have to rescue you first instead of chasing them. Please be alert all the time and take every precaution measure you could.
Emergency Number:
Please be aware the Emergency Number worldwide for GSM Mobile (012, 013, 016, 017, 019) is
112 and not 999.

You can dial
112 even without a Sim Card. If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you. Do share this important info with your family members and friends.

Monday >>> Went for this show with Bra and SPY. This is a comedy show but for me just....so so only ( the man in black very handsome). But its good 2 go for movie because we need to destress. Recently we all are too stressful for Thesis and Assignments even though we are just half way....ehem ehem =______=

But at least I've done my Globalization which is from Abang Chan. The feeling is like .....Mmmmmm....nice man. U will know it when u finish one task. The feeling is like...wow~ Damn nice and feel lighter alot. Now I can amagine how stress we are when we go for working life. Stuck in traffic jam, kepik with those smelly Ah neh, Huan Na etc in the LRT after work T-T OMG ~ I hate this kind of life style!!!!!!!

Anyway,I still have 2 face it. What 2 do??? Life is tough BUT wonderful ^^ So, Spy and I went 2 Delicious at One U just now because we want to celebrate.....we done Abang Chan's assign. Yaya,I know this is nothing but I LIKE LA ~ This is good for us go for celebration when we have completed something. Then....now i have to get back 2 another assign.

OKay....I want to go for bed now. Good Night **

Hahahaha....New fashion trend !!!!!!

The special soup = Hakka food

See, Bra love it til......

New Target ( pls la bra, ini liew punya tahi?)

Hakka Thunder Tea ( Ke Jia Lei Cha)

With soup.....

Good for heath ^^

P/s: Thanks Kathy baby ^^

Aku kena kepit...T-T

Spy's dream Man~ He is a man!!!

I love this picture....she is cute!!!

I see....

I love this picture damn much...

Sigh ~ Past is past la bra....102


Yeeerrrr ~

So happy ^^

ANyone want to be his GF??

He is a handsome man !!!

Bra is looking for.....??? from Redtude =____=

Gelimon ~mon ~ mon ~ mon

Perfect Match !!!

Hey liew....look at here la.adui ~


My pet ~

One-U -- ladies.

Happy Happy....2gether

Sigh ~ ~He dun love me anymore !!!!