Today is my good and happy day even though I didn't talk to my male housemates. Don;t feel like talking to them and feel like they don't know what to talk to me also.

We went back to hostel during lunch break and...they saw us coming but close the elavator. Maybe we think too much but this is the fact. But nevermind la..Maybe I am the trouble maker and make our friendship become so weird ** They hate me also nevermind one.

I start to thinking, is it my problem? Is it I am too fussy? Is it I am purposely cari pasal? Whatever la...But I just be straight forward and don't keep the thing in my heart. I believe if one day meletup, it will be very serious.

One of my philosophy is: It's easier to change myself rather than susah payah change others!!!!!!
During the break time just now, I chat with Hamza awhile and he said he wants to stay at Millennium condo but cannot find. In my mind is like...what a coincidence?? hahaha.... So, start from next week, I will try 2 find a room at somewhere and will move out ASAP.

I am sorry to my friends if I bring trouble to them BUT I am so sorry to say that, I dont want to talk about the same matter anymore and I know you guys don;t like me and my fucking attitude. So it is no point stay 2gether right?


ps: I saw Suharto's blog and he post something that I cannot understand in Bahasa Indo watever la. I dont want to perasan that he is talking about me but I got the feeling he is shooting me. Talked about what sampah memang busuk, then what bodoh bodoh and kesian ppl's parents educate well their children blablablabla. Then Zach wrote comment in their own bahasa also and I also cannot understand. But I can understand the last sentence that he ask Suharto sabar lah...

What YOU want to shoot just shoot in front of me, or just write something that I can read and understand la. As a guy must be sporting and straight forward!!!! Huh..really cannot understand man!!!!!!!

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