I decided to upload all the pictures in my mobile phone before I delete them and Sorry for....confusing because I just simply upload, not really remember the date, time even location. wahahahaha. So, ENJOY = )

Can you see the " batang" ? Damn big hor? Is a gear handle hehe

Car owner is a Chinese man from KL, he looks kolot actually..

He totally look like a man, but his car....too sissy la. haha

The " batang" again, I love it ~

The diamond so damn big man, if real one...YES, I DO!!!!!

Even the engine also got bling bling, what a expensive hobby !!

Imagine all the cars on the road got the lights, wow...nice ~

Very romantic if do something romantic in the car. @!#$$$#

WOW ...but i am not interested la..

A monster came to my house last month, why got a weird cushion? see the next pic.

Jeng Jeng Jeng....no wonder

Took this in the bus when we going to Airport

Sunday night, Music Cafe after 2012

Sleeping love....( like sleeping volcano, haha)

Blur LOVE...confused =___=

Come la..I feed you darling, sedap sedap sedap ~

Weird couple yamcha at Bert's Klebang.

This is nice, RM10 but cant remember the name.

Look at her hand, she damn scared man. haha
( in the EYE of malaysia)

Melaka view from the "eye"

Save it, I wont accept your love man...

Look like couple hor? haha

Nice pic? I took one, i got potential la...


yala yala, hp camera memang like that one.

Parking lots abit nia nia...sien

Waiting for foods at Geographer, Jonker..

We like Geo, nice place to hang out.

Tempura Prawns @ Asian Harvana

My hot Latte, nice ~


Honeydew milk....

Apple walnuts salad...something like that la.. Abit only. huh

A gigolo and a Bapuk....they are TOGETHER !!!

see...soooooo bapuk sial !!!

Monster eat alot

Ah ~ I am puteri lilin, the sun was so BIG...very hot n bright la.

what is this?

The buffet @ DreamBox, normal only but cheap la.

I like this bcos got seafoods toufu. hehe

This was so YUCKs, geli...is pasta actually

Nyonya makan place at Kota Laksaman

My pongteh chicken rice, i dont like...

Bcos the gravy was too....ligh for me.I want ket ket one.

Their menu, according to Zach, the pongteh is pongteh NOT ponteh.
So their spelling is CORRECT !!!

SPY's nasi minyak, very nice lo compare to mine.

Watched with Bernie, Zach and Spy on Sunday night. Very nice lo...but I am so scared this will happen also. The moral of the story is either you are very talented which I am NOT or you start to save up 1 billion Euro....

If not, lets die with your love one but for those are single and available, you may get your beloved pictures ( like Bernie, yayun...) from me, then hug it and die also not bad lalalalalala


3 fed her strawberries:


how come some pictures so dark wan...

haiya..ur skill ah..


*i cant concentrate on work..cos...haih..u noe i noe la*

wat bapok? did u see any guys wear women's clothing? no wonder you bm fail..


he is sissy ...