Today I went for second interview at Sushi Kin which is located at Subang Jaya. Well, nothing special because they asked me go for second interview just want to ask me when can I start working and some informations about my job. Guess what, actually they only offer me RM1600 same as Aeon, I also consider a Management trainee for them til I complete my 6 months training programme. Walauweh...that day the 2 ladies said give me Rm1800 one le...Today the senior HR executive said NO, they only pay Rm1600 for MT, never pay higher before also.

Okay...But today we talked alot about my job. She even asked me got apply any other job onot. I told her I am considering between Sushi Kin and Aeon. She is quite nice, she said she wont force me which company I should got for but....She asked me work fo Sushi Kin because she said she confirm I will learn alot from Sushi Kin and ya...Aeon, I have to fight with thousand of people. Then blablabla....

Arrggg....I am so headache now and I have to reply Aeon by 2molo.

-to be continue-

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