Today's topic is GUYS ARE LEBIH.

Why I said Guys are lebih?


According to my observation, they are !!!!

Example 1: Sxhxrtx Sixxmpxl ( Sorry, I must protect him)
- When we want to go out makan/shopping/movie etc.
He sure will said: " It's ok, u guys go la. I want to do my thing blablabla.
But actually he wants to go, just...he wants us PUJUK and PUJUK and
Keep on PUJUK him, then he only GO.....

Example 2: Suxartx Sitxmpxl
- As above -
But, this is MORE than PUJUK because you ust use those
SWEET words such as...
We cant have fun without you!
We cant survive without you!
The world is black and white without you.
We need you bra/bro.
etc etc and etc...

Example 3: xuharxo Sitxxpxl
- This is another interesting case, because.....
According to my best sister S.S ( as above) Not Syok sendiri,
He said: " when a girl says NO means YES !!
When we say YES means NO!!
When we say Want means Don't want!
When we say Don;t want means we are desperate on it!
Wtf man....totally wrong! We are human being also,
so we just follow our emotion la...

So the conclusion is, he is a man who like to PREDICT.
Stop PREDICTING man!!!!!!!!!!