Jingle Bell ~ ~ Jingle Bell~ ~ HoHoHoHoHoHoHO ~
2008 is coming soon. I got a lot of dreams hope can come true.
Tammy said Christmas is a Good Day for people to.....
Forget and Forgive !!!!!! Is it? This is my first time to hear.^^
Anyway, for me...Christmas is a Happy Day for me ^^
I can feel peaceful and blissful also. Especially the......
Christmas song... I can't stop listening man. so NICE ~ lol
Very soon, 2007 will past and I am doing my reflection now.
What I've done in this day ???? Mmmmmmmmm.....
Of course I've finished my year 2 and going to final year...
I got a new Laptop from my father...and %$%$%$$%$^#^
ya..I am an adult now because this year is my 21 years old.
No more?? Impossible...BUt really cannot remember ler..
But I know I lost alot and gain also . For example: friends

In 2008, I hope can ...........
1: Study hard and smart and complete my Degree.
2: My family can stay cool and happy 4-ever.
3: I can reduce 20kg ++ ( i am serious)
4: Go to Bali with my fellow friends. ^^
5: Got a BoyFriend giak giak giak...
6: Happy Happy Happy

Present that I want from Santa Claus.....
1: baby-G watch
2: Adidas sport shoes
3: Video Cam
4: camera
5: PDA
6: cash money RM500
7: Chanel No.5 (perfume)

If Santa Claus cannot see my blog nevermind...
My 7 classmates@best friends can choose either 1....
wakakakakakakaka...I am serious. lol

anyway, thanks Tammy for the most expensive perfume
in the world cost RM250 k ++. I am appreciate it ^^
Love you always xoxoxoxoxoxo

4 fed her strawberries:

i see.

If dun have anythg 2 say pls....
I no need ur stupid comment ok?
apa ni...not creative at all.

i think u shud come up wif a new post entitled "EVERYBODY, I'M SERIOUS TO REDUCE 20KG"

i bet u'll have da highest hits on dat post alone.

lol..me sayang u too ...mwah