Just now chat with yayun found that got some problems that make me very tired and cannot breath. She think that we are decided stay in BIG house with guys so she refused to give any opinion anymore because for her is useless. On the other hand, I remembered few days before Zachary also think that we all want to separate which means 4 girls one unit. One thing I want to say is .....seriously we haven't decide anything yet !!!!!!!! What make YOU think we want this and that? I am so suffer right now, how about discuss this after see the house???

To Yayun :
I am looking for Menara Condo even we got one unit in our hand which is Millionaire Condo. But according to your problem, you told me last time your father and green dragon not agree you stay with guys. Thats why I am trying to find a condo that 2 rooms with reasonable price. Although just now you said is ok to stay with guys, but I know you are more prefer stay with females only. I know...I know....

To Bernie :
According to your latest post, you said that your brother not agree you stay in condo because there are some problems also if stay in condo right? Or they just disagree you stay in Menara?? Ummmm ???????

To Zachary :
I know you sure will ask, what are the problems if girls stay with guys. You are not girls so u will NEVER know this in your lifetime. What I can say is, got the pro and cons. In my opinion, your case is similar with Yayun because you also think that we only looking for condo. You are wrong friend. I will contact the number of the double story house given by Ms Yeo last time ok? I repeat, WE HAVENT DECIDE ANYTHING YET SO FAR !!!! ok?

Conclusion :
I don't know others thinking actually. But if you guys got problem PLEASE voice out ok? I am really not agree that keep the problems in your heart because one day sure will .... I suggested voice out and find solution among each other. For me, this is the best way to solve problems. Seriously, condo is much more better than normal houses because of the environment. We also can enjoy the facilities that provided by the condo also. The problem is...some unit their price is terrible high and NOT reasonable. We have to know, we need to use a lot of money in next year also.

If you really choose to be silent, please make sure you can silent all the time and until end of the year ok? If your mouth say I AM ALRIGHT WITH EVERYTHING, please make sure you are really ALRIGHT ok? Remember my philosophy???


2 fed her strawberries:

honestly, house or condo is kacang...money is not the ultimate factor if want to live in PJ..it is the safety...

so, no matter it's a house or condo, i hope there will be guys around...although (as mentioned in my blog, it's quite mah fan) and dont' get me wrong, i still prefer to stay with girls but, safety is the issue here...

actually..if it's really mah fan...it would only be a mah fan for a year and that's it...end of story. time passes very fast...tick tock tick tock and suddenly you sudah graduate...apa salahnya?

maybe what i say now is a total contrast from what i said earlier...this is because i had thought deeply about this and if all of us have to live together for the sake of safety i dun really mind..comfort is another thing la..rite? who says life is easy?

hey berry. u r wrong, my fren.. i nvr say i think u all keep looking 4 condo only.. if not i wudn't hav make da plans 2 see da condo on dat day oso rite?
& u r wrong again bcoz i was making ur choices easier. i didnt wan 2 complicate things. so y say i'm similar 2 yayun? i didnt demand anything oso..
1 thing i oso have 2 say 2 u.. u r not guys, so u'll nvr noe tis in ur lifetime, ok? muahahaha!