A story from an old man called " Thanks God, elephant do not fly" ~ You may not understand what the story trying to tell but never mind, because I am going to tell you guys now. This story is talking about a BOY accidentally got a shit from a bird when he is walking in a garden. But he did not do anything.. Maybe some people will try to shoot the bird or use the stone to harm the bird and so forth. unfortunately the boy didn't do anything and he just look at the sky and said : " Thanks God, Elephant Don;t Fly". Then he just go and clear the shit from his face. Why?? Because if he kena the elephant's shit, can you imagine? hahahahahaha

This story trying to tell us THINK positive. ( I guess so) haha. Anyway, I love this story so much because it is meaningful for me. Because when we think negative and easy to get angry ( like me) then we also will die soon. According to Mr Kong, he said when people get angry, the Blood will going up and going up to our brain. Then this is not good for our heath condition. Still don't understand? Okay, here are some examples for you to THINK. Hopefully can help you !!!!

Example ( 1) :
Let say a car bang you accidentally. Normally we will go down and try to scold the fella,, some people like zac will use some "special' words. So if you are the boy in this story, you might think....Thanks God, is just a normal car NOT a giant lorry. ^^

Example (2) :
For people who are 100kg now, maybe he can try to think..Thanks God, luckily NOT 200kg. haha. Nola..this one for me is TOO positive already, but for those who 100kg right now even more please....DO SOMETHING ok??

Example (3) :
One day you marry K.L.Liew. Hey girls, this is NOT an impossible matter, because sometimes will accidentally. haha. So at the moment you can think ...Thanks God, K.L.Liew also human being and he is a guy watt. hahahahaha

* The examples above are just for you to refer and make it more clear of the story. Just an example, so please dont get angry and I didn't mention YOUR full name so does not means is YOU ok. Please dont perasan and simply merajuk and get angry with me. Thanks God ~

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hahahaha...so funny ^^
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besides,. the story also teach us to be thankful in anything.

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