I haven't tell you guys actually 1 month before I found a DOG in my Taman.

She is rottweiler, abandoned by previous owner. Starting I was damn angry because I feel she is very pity and her previous owner SUCKS!!!!! And I am sure, her previous owner purposely throw her away, NOT she ran away from home. WHY? Because my Taman is a very new Taman, is a SMALL Taman also ( less than 50 houses). After 2 days and 2 nights, and I am sure her previous owner didn't try his/her effort to find her back.

Before I adopt her. I asked my parents permission, they okay with it and my dad is the one who brought her home. But after 1 week, they start to bising already. They said she is smelly ( I got mandi for her once a week with expensive KILL kutu shampoo), but no choice, dogs got their own smell =___='''

Besides that, her shit is BIG because she is BIG as well. Then we always go out in the early morning, come back very late...So when we reach home, always got more than 1 pile of SHIT on the floor. If my parents reach home earlier than me, my dad will clean and wash the floor ( but he still will bising me). He always want to throw her, because of this matter, I fight with him few times.

1 week before, stupid Malay come to my house bising. They said because we always wash the car porch and the water will go to their house. Weird right? Ya, its true but not that serious til will go into their house la. My house at IPK there, obviously, the land is....how to say. Emmm...its not balance one, like a bukit but not very high bukit like that, so every row are different one. So the BUMILOTs are just opposite my row, and their land is lower than my row abit so...when we wash car, car porch even raining...the water will always go DOWN. But I cannot do anything what!!!!!

They requested....Miss, can you don't wash your car porch or not? Because you know la...we are Islamic and my son always play at the car porch, and your water is DIRTY~ Wtf la.. before I wash my floor, I will sapu the shit and throw at far far away...not say I jus wash and floor and PUSH the shit into her house what. Huh ~

Then I start to think...So kesian the DOG, her name is COCO anyway. I feel her nasib so...why she cannot get a better life? Her previous owner
abandoned her, and now, my family, my neigbour also want to throw her.

Recently, I got the answer and I know why her previous owner
abandoned her. Because she will CRY and come out the very Scary sound in the early morning around 7 something. OMG~ I don't know what can I do now. I sleep with my mum 4 days and COCO came out the scary sound these 4 days also. Today 7:20am she do the same thing, I scared my neigbour will come and bising so I go down and beat her ( i use newspaper and only beat her one time), she already bising and make the kesian sound, then I scold her and asked her shut up. After I go in my house, she do the same thing again....Oh God~

So now, I know why her previous owner don't want her. And I don't know I can tahan until when, if my dad come back he sure will throw her away one. HOW?????????

If no choice, I think I will give my father's wokers and she can help my dad jaga factory also. I am sorry COCO T-T

5 fed her strawberries:

i think your dog do that because she is too hungry.. haish.. what to do.. the owner only think about her own stomach, never think about the dog's stomach.. hehe..

eh...I gave her eat alot le. Starting I feed her twice a day but doctor said cannot feed too much, then i cut down become once a day lo. But the ONE is memang damn alot lo...is my 3-4 days quantity le. huh

u adopt her la..since u like anjing ibu. haha

i wan. but u know la. hahaha

Berry, rottweilers are big eaters....and therefore the output is also a lot la. As for the sound, sometimes, as what Zach has mentioned - hungry. Sometimes because they want to do something.

As for the doggie problems, hmm.....my dad also bising about my little doggie....she is having diabetes....so cant see properly....do everything everywhere....so my mum and me become MBMB. If my father become MBMB, then my mum and me must close our ears - kena marah la!


Ya..dogs are good but sometimes they create alot of problems to us.

What to do...

Children also alot of problem, may more...haha